How I survive sleeping in the same vicinity as my feisty kids

The Lighter Side of Co-Sleeping

Is it really co-sleeping?

Anyone else’s children climb in their bed in the middle of the night? Then they spread themselves out with their feet on your face…


We put a double bed in her room for when guests visit. Little did I know I would spend a lot of time there.  Consequently we pushed the double bed up against the wall so its safe for the baby to sleep (stay awake) in when she inevitably screams for me to be with her.

how to co-sleep a humorous post


The lighter side of co-sleeping

This post has nothing to do with the facts of co-sleeping. This is a humorous post on how I survive co-sleeping with my kids although I’m not sleeping and I’m not sure they are either.





How I survive co-sleeping with my feisty kids


  1. Have lots of pillows otherwise yours will get ‘acquired’ by the bed invader.
  2. Sleep with your arm over your face so that kicking feet don’t break your nose.
  3. Remove heavy objects from the bed – chances are these will be found and used to wake you up.
  4. Keep lights, more specifically light switches, faaaaar out of reach.
  5. Get a long long duvet / comforter / blanket to cover your face when the light switch is found and used to simulate a disco.
  6. Keep a jersey and warm pants in arms length so you can keep warm when all the blankets are unceremoniously kicked off.
  7. Rid yourself of anything remotely interesting – earrings, necklace, jersey with a zip – these will become objects of desire and reasons to stay awake.
  8. Cover clocks and hide watches so you don’t know that you’re wide awake at 4am after being kicked in the face.
  9. Keep your eyes closed, just keep your eyes closed. If you open one eyelid the day would have started 🙂

Best of luck to us all!!


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