HappyCalc Puzzle by FunComet

HappyCalc – The Genius Puzzle 

HappyCalc by FunComet

This is an amazing creation. Combining a child’s love of puzzles and rockets with hidden mathematical learning is sheer genius. Beyond the concept the pictures incorporated into the puzzle make it compelling to little people.


happycalc puzzle for kids

Happycalc from the outside

Attractive from the start

From the start you can see that the creators have thought this product out thoroughly. The packaging is the first indicator of this. As soon as I opened the parcel my son jumped at me, trying to get to the box. He’s just turned 4 and was convinced this was a birthday present. When his best friend came over, the two of them spied the puzzle on my workstation from across the room and there was no holding the 2 eager players back. I did have a giggle at the fact that it’s a education game that had captured their attention so well.

happycalc puzzle for kids

 Clear Details 

The box clearly indicates

  • how the puzzle pieces can be combined;
  • there are various ways the pieces can be used;
  • the size of the pieces; and
  • details of how many pieces of each shape or size are included.


Smart hey!

HappyCalc From FunComet   

HappyCalc Quality

The Pictures

When I opened the puzzle I was impressed by the quality of the pictures.  So often in the case of educational toys the concept over-powers the creativity and quality of the illustrations. It’s not the case here. The pictures are appealing, bright and all space themed – there are rockets and space stations, space ‘monsters’, robots and satellites. Too much fun for little kids.


The Pieces

While the pieces are thin, they are solid. After a month of owning the puzzle, all our pieces are still intact. This is highly unusual in our house as there are often fights over toys when I turn my back.

HappyCalc Puzzle Quality

How the HappyCalc Puzzle Works 

After unwrapping our parcel and opening the box, we had to figure out how to play HappyCalc. Yes it took us a while but purely because our one year old kept trying to ‘assist’.


Step 1: throw away preconceived ideas about puzzles and think beyond the box – like kids love doing). 


How to Play HappyCalc

  1. The puzzle is not an ordinary puzzle – there is no set configuration that the pieces have to fit in.
  2. Each piece is as big as its assigned number. A No. 1 piece is 1 cm, a No. 2 piece 2cm, a No. 3 piece is 3 cm and so on.
  3. The pieces are interchangeable with one another.
  4. You can make rockets from any equation by combining any numbers on the left that add up to another number – the total is then added to that equation to make up your picture – what you choose to make is up to you.
  5. Space stations, interlocking rectangular pieces can be added to any sequence.


Problems with HappyCal

My only issue with the puzzle is that some of the pieces are very small. Some are as small as 1 centimetre wide. This means you can’t really let your younger children close to it as it can be a choking hazard.



The real beauty of the HappyCalc Puzzle

My son thoroughly enjoyed building this puzzle and spent a full afternoon engrossed in it. What’s even better is that as he grows the puzzle will grow with him, it isn’t limiting. As his understanding of maths improves he will enjoy it even more as he sees the various pictures (equations) he can make.


HappyCalc is a fantastic way to teach children maths without them even being aware of it. It makes maths fun and rewarding which is exactly what you want learning to be. As my husband said,and I can’t put it any better than he did ‘it makes maths intuitive’. I don’t expect anything less from the genius team at FunComet.


“It makes Maths intuitive”  


I love this puzzle so much I’ve thought about giving it to my son’s daycare a few times so that more kids can benefit from it. But we love it so much that we can’t give it up!


Where to get HappyCalc from 

The HappyCalc puzzle can be ordered online for $39.00 at https://happycalc.myshopify.com. Turn around time from ordering to delivery is extremely quick despite delivery coming from FunComet’s warehouse in Hong Kong.



We were gifted the puzzle by FunComet.

All opinions and views expressed are the writers own. 

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