Gift Guide: 1 year old girls 

 Gift Guide for 1 year old girls 

Our 1 year old

Our little lady turned one recently and I couldn’t think of what I should get her. This is especially difficult as her birthday is so soon after Christmas. It took a while but I few good internet searches and trawls through the toy shops and I was able to put together a nice set of stuff.

Gifts for Little ladies

Below are the gifts that I came across that I think are great for little one year old girls. Whether it is a gift for your own daughter or some one else’s 1 year old.


The below list includes a variety of gifts at different prices and where possible I’ve put details of where you can buy the item.


I am not affiliated to any of these brands, I am just a mom who found these things to be enjoyed by my 1 year old. 


25 Gifts for 1 year old girls


  1. Bruin bath cups. You can get these at ToyrUs for A$7.
  2. Bright Stars Flexi Ball. You can find these at Target for A$10.
  3.  Minnie Mouse Beach Bucket Set. Also from Target for A$10
  4.  Fisher Price Stack and Explore Blocks. Again, Target but for A$12. It is clear to me that I really love Target 🙂
  5.  Fisher Price Flip Phone. Same as above, Target for A$12. gifts for 1 year olds
  6. Alice in Wonderland Slide Push Pull Book. In Australia we got this from David Jones for $15.
  7. Mega Bloks bag of blocks. You can get these from Kmart for A$15.  25 great gifts for 1 year old girls
  8. Bello Farm Puzzle. This came from Kidstuff and was A$15.
  9. Hungry Catapiller Finger Puppet Book. Another good book from David Jones and it cost A$17.
  10. Peter Rabbit Slide Book. Again from David Jones and also for $17. Over Christmas some of their books go on sale for really good prices so I stock up.
  11. Hello Baby Board Book. Also David Jones for A$17.
  12. Bello Shape Puzzle. Kidstuff for A$20
  13. Bruin Sing-a-long Piano. A great find at Toysrus for A$20.  gift guide for 1 year old girls
  14. Baby’s First Buttons and Bows Doll From Target for A$20.
  15. Hairy Maclary Touch and Feel Book. This is an excellent series of books. I got this one from David Jones for A$20.
  16. Fisher Price Xylophone. You can get this at various shops but I found it at Target for A$22.
  17. Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Bear. Target A$35.    
  18. My little baby. Kidstuff for A$40.
  19. Fisher Price baby pram. From Kmart for A$45. You can get cheaper ones but this one lights up and has music.
  20. Dolls World Little Treasure doll. Kidstuff for A$50    25 gifts for 1 year old girls
  21. Lilly Plush Toy. This is one of my daughter’s absolute favourites and while it was expensive she absolutely loves it. We got this from Myer for A$50
  22. Vtech First Steps Baby Walker. You can get these from various places but the one we got was Big W for A$60.
  23. Little Tikes Princess Cozi Coupe. Little Tikes has the  best prices, this was A$130. We didn’t actually get my daughter this because we have stairs and our garden wouldn’t be good for it but in a perfect world we would have got her one of these.    gift guide for 1 year old girls
  24. Little Tike Activity Centre. Little Tikes own site is the best place to get the best price. We got ours online for $150. This was my daughter’s main present and she just loved it. I’ve even written a more detailed review on it.  great gifts for 1 year olds
  25. Pixie and Fluff Rocking Horse. We have one of these already but had we not I would have looked at Kidstuff, the price of which is $199.
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