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Dennis The Menace 

Dennis The Menace

Dennis the Menace is a classic character and the 1993 movie version is fantastic. It’s so cute with the lead character and his troupe of friends. 


Walter Mathau plays Mr Wilson excellently with all the requisite grumpiness and the cast is generally on point. The movie is set in such a beautiful little town and its really lovely to see all the kids playing outdoors, reading books and using their imaginations. 

The Plot


Both Mr and Mrs Mitchell have to go away for work and leave Dennis with Mrs and Mrs Wilson. While the Wilsons are meant to look after Dennis for just a night this seems a gruelling task for Mr Wilson.


Dennis is so excited he brings Mr Wilson a gift of bugs and tells him that there is no other person he’d rather be around if he can’t be around his mom and dad.  


Unfortunately there is a thief who has popped into town who gets into the Wilsons and unwittingly Dennis lands up becoming his hostage. Granted it is the thief who suffers in the end. 


 Dennis the menace - movie review of the 1993 classic  

Cute Quotes

The movie is full of cute quotes, as a mom it’s pretty endearing and makes the movie even sweeter. I’m not sure the little kids would pick up on them because these may just be logical statements for someone of their age. 

Dennis is 5 years old and these quotes are pretty typical of him.

  • On the whereabouts of his babysitter. “Up in the bathroom using armpit perfume.”
  • I’ve only be around 5 years. There is a lot of stuff I don’t know. 
  • “I brought my own pillow so I don’t get spit all over yours.”
  • On why men have belly buttons “so they wouldn’t look strange in bathing costumes” 
  • “You know what Mrs Wilson, you’re the nicest old gal on the planet.”


Scary scenes

The movie has a happy and family feeling throughout but with the presence of the thief there are a few darker scenes. On the whole they are brief moments and don’t affect the general positivity of the movie. 


The following scenes can be a bit scary to little kids:

  • When the villain comes to town.
  • Dennis ruins Mr Wilson’s special night and Mr Wilson says some very nasty things to Dennis.
  • Dennis becomes a hostage but he soon shows the thief why he’s called Dennis the Menace. 
  • The thief nearly hurts Dennis, trying to stab him with a knife.


There is also a make out scene 30 minutes into the movie when the babysitters boyfriend comes over to visit. The scene is tame and limited to kissing on the couch. 

There isn’t any inappropriate language and while Dennis does get himself into trouble it’s not malicious. There are two occasions of blasphemous language. 


Age Suitability

The movie isn’t as fast paced or colourful as Nanny McPhee and my kids got distracted a few times. 

My 2 year old was definitely too young to watch it and but my 4.5 year old loved it. I would say that this movie is perfect for kids aged 5+.

My only concern with this movie is that little people may think that some of these ideas are clever and should be replicated. Similarly I have kept repeating to my son that if he comes across some who he thinks may be a “baddie” he must not approach him or even talk to him. 


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