Chelsea Street Playground, Redfern 

Chelsea Street Playground

Chelsea Street Playground has plenty of spaces to explore for kids. There is a bit of grass to sit on and may be good for a picnic.


While the structures are minimal in comparison to the playgrounds beyond the City this little playground is a nice find if you’re in Redfern with kids who have energy to spend.


chelsea street playground inner city


Where is Chelsea Street Playground 


I struggled to find the actual address. I just aimed in the general direction of Chelsea Street and hoped I would bump into it.


The address that I have subsequently found online is 39 – 43 Chelsea Street, Redfern.



Parking is a bit of an issue because it’s down a very narrow street.  If you’re lucky you’ll find parking on Chelsea Street on the north side.


The alternative is to park in the block on the south side which off Rennie Street.


where is chelsea street playground
where is chelsea street in redfern

Chelsea Street Playground Features 

It’s not a huge space compared to the playgrounds outside the City but there are lots of things to keep little kids busy as a morning or afternoon activity. There are:

  • things to play on
  • spaces to climb in
  • a few random toys to play with



Best of all, the whole playground is completely enclosed.


There is a tall slide accesible by a rope later, a wide base swing, balancing ropes, cubby houses to explore and random toys lying around that have been donated by the council.  There is also a giant chalkboard which kids can drawn on just alongside the swing.


Underneath the playground is soft fake grass and some other sort of turf. The area is all flat and accessible if your pushing a pram or have a child on a scooter or bike.

chelsea street playground in redfern


The structures in the park are suited to bigger little kids. I would say 3 – 5 year olds would be best suited to the structures. The complexity of the playground didn’t stop my little one from running around and trying to climb everything.


chelsea street playground is great for kids

Chelsea Street Playground Facilities


There is shade from the trees, a wooden structure with benches where you can sit and watch the kids from. It’s also its cool and shaded inside the cubby houses.


BBQs and taps are dotted round the park. There is no toilet in the park which is a pity and I am not aware of there being one close. You may need to stop off at coffee shop on the way home. There are plenty of little cafes and restaurants around if your little one is going to need the loo.


There isn’t much grass in the park as its been worn down. I’m not sure if this is as a result of  winter or as a result of over crowding on the weekends. The other option could be that maybe this is the dog park section that I have seen referenced.


The modern appeal of Chelsea Street Playground


What I do love about this playground is that it is very different to anything I’ve seen before. The playground is very modern and the focus appears to be adult life for little kids. There are ‘veggie gardens’ and little houses. It’s a lovely space to spend a morning in the otherwise busy urbanised area.


There is a lovely garden bordering the East side of the playground and in the middle are big planter boxes. I gather these planter boxes used to house herbs because there are some reminants of mint and parsley in one.

chelsea street playground gardens




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