Alphabetical Sydney

Alphabetical Sydney 

This was one of the first truly Australian books we bought when we arrived in Sydney. Alphabetical Sydney is a picture book guide of Sydney through the Alphabet, as the title suggests.

It is an interesting reflection of Sydney, especially if you’re new. And it is so beautifully illustrated, I absolutely love the illustrations!

Alphabetical Sydney was a great way for the kids to discover more about their new home town.

I’m really glad this book is on the NSW Premier Reading Challenge. I can’t think of a better book to be included.


Book 11 of the PRC: Alphabetical Sydney


There isn’t really a plot to the book, it’s just a trip though the Alphabet with references to Sydney icons.  Some are a little obscure – like V for Vinegar which you use if you’re stung by a bluebottle.

Then there are the ones which you expect like A. A is for Amusement Park which of course is Luna Park. This may explain why they kids were determined to visit Luna Park and have been obsessed with it. Q is for Circular Quay and H is for Harbour Bridge, of course.


“This is our Sydney, the brightest and best of it, North to the south to the east and the west of it. Bats and cicadas, lawn bowls and the zoo, This is our town. Let us share it with you.” 


The Book Itself

This isn’t a bedtime story book. It would take quite some time to get through it and the kids may never get to sleep. I reckon the way to do it is to break it down and read a few letters each time.

The type and font is great for young readers and there is a rhyming pattern throughout.

The pictures aren’t standard children’s book images but they are really lovely, such beautifully drawn.

I love this book! It’s a great book to give to people who are coming to visit Sydney.



Our booklist


At this stage of the challenge, we have also read: Is Your Grandmother a Goanna, Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy and A Squash and a Squeeze. For more details on each book and in order to help you decide whether you want to add it to your list, just click on the name of the book and it should take you to the full review.


NSW Premier Reading Challenge

If you don’t know about the NSW Premier Reading Challenge, it is an initiative by the department of education to promote literacy and reading. It is not a competition!

There is an extensive list of books on the website from which you choose the number of books you have to read. We have to read 30 because my son is in the K – Year 2 Challenge.

Once we read our book we add it to our booklist and if we get to 30 we get a certificate from the Premier.

You can find out more from the NSW PRC Website. 





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