7 gifts for the fit woman 

Gifts for the fit woman 

I am no fitness expert but my two sisters are and my husband has been known to run / cycle and swim. I spend hours trying to find the perfect gifts for them. So I have compiled this list of gifts for the fit woman in your life should you have the same struggle as me!


7 gifts for the fit woman 


1. A new gym bag. 

If the gym bag is older than 3 years, it’s time for a new bag (according to my expert relations).

Great gym bags can be snapped up at any sports store. Easy peasy. Of course you would want to add a cute sports bottle and towel too.


2. Lulu Lemon Align Pants


These are incredible yoga pants, exercise pants and just-wanna-stay-on-the-couch pants!

You can buy online or in store. There are a few outlets around.


7 gifts for the fit woman

3. Earphones for running 

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying earphones

  • price
  • sound quality
  • fit
  • style
  • device with which they work.

This isn’t one of the easiest gifts to buy the fit woman in your life. It may be best to get a gift card for them to be self-purchased.

If you’re set on buying them can check out the following brands Bose, JayBird Bluebuds X  or Yurbuds there are a number reviews online about each.


4. A crazy Cool Yoga Mat.


There are some seriously funky designs out there – why use the studios or the typical purple or turquoise from Target when you can get something super snazzy.


Yogadesignlab.com has some nice stuff:

best gifts for the fit woman in your life


You can even get a double-sided one from Gaiam.com:

7 gifts for the fit woman

5. The Watch 

The best of the gifts for the fit woman has to be a smart watch.

My family are big supporters of the Garmin but there is also the Suunto.

For runners the new TomTom Runner 2 Cardio which has got some good reviews.

But I would do some more research on watches as this is a big gift and you want to make sure you know that it is perfect for the gift receiver.

6. Classes 

Whether its a class they love at a new location or studio or a new class. There is always something to give in this department. You could think along the lines of Bikram Yoga or Cross-Fit at the Beach. There is also diving lessons or golf.


7. A smart wind cheater 

A wind cheater or warm exercise top specially for exercising may seem boring but when that person is training they will be very grateful!


Nike always has pretty cool ones.


These keep you warm but allow a lot of movement. The ones in the picture are Nike Element Half Zip.

7 gifts for the fit woman

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