Working with AllThingsMomSydney

Work with AllThingsMomSydney


What is AllThingsMomSydney

Being a mother incorporates a number of different roles – wife, mother, woman and I am each one of those things. In addition, I am also an expat, a stay at home mom, an adventurer and a daughter.


AllThingsMomSydney encompasses what all those things mean. Throughout the website you will find:

  • details of our travels, in Australia and South Africa
  • reviews of places that are suitable for kids or perfect for when you need time alone
  • guest posts from people I find interesting and who can change perceptions
  • resources for parents such as how to fly with toddlers or what movies are good for little ones


Who am I?


I am Michal Johnson, a mom of two pre-school children with a husband in finance. We live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and are perpetually out and about exploring.


I have a post-graduate degree in law and practiced for a number of years in South Africa before having my second child and immigrating to Sydney, Australia. For more of who I am and why the blog started have a read through Meet the Blogger.


The creation of AllThingsMomSydney


I created AllThingsMomSydney out of a desire to share information and to keep myself well informed. Having obtained a law degree, writing my legal arguments and articles and opinion pieces for legal publications in South Africa equipped me with the research and writing skills required for blogging.


Within the last 8 months, the site has grown to be a credible source of information for women and parents.


If you are interested in working with a mom who is smart, committed and a little bit crazy,  please do get hold of me. I would love for you to join me and contribute to AllThingsMomSydney.



The mantra of explore, discover and live is the gist of the blog.


The site’s purpose is to enhance other people’s lives through my own adventures and discoveries. Whether those adventures and discoveries are places or life realisations.


New posts are published on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday with select posts being published during the weekend.




While the blog is focused on the various aspects of a mom’s life it is suited to a variety of people, including:

  • parents, both moms and dads
  • women who are interested in various aspects of life – shopping, self love
  • those who love to travel and want to explore Sydney or Australia at large
  • expats who have left their homes to settle in a new country


AllThingsMomSydney has a large international readership with the majority of readers coming from North and South America, Australia and South Africa.


Social Media


AllThingsMomSydney is active on social media with each platform being updated at least twice a day.


Each platform has different content and managed as a separate account.



Twitter  5000+ followers

Facebook 400+ followers

Instagram. 1500+ followers



Marketing Opportunities


As AllThingsMomSydney has grown there has been requests for advertising and marketing space to be made available on the site. In order to continue focusing on the blog I have decided to make marketing and advertising available.


I now offer the following:

  • Sponsored posts (3 different packages are available)
  • Giveaways
  • Reviews
  • Home Page Advertising
  • Post Advertising


Advertising spaces are very limited and I do not consider requests for affiliated marketing requests.


For details on the advertising and marketing options available please email me at [email protected].com and I will send you the Marketing Kit.