Warriewood Rocket Playground 

Warriewood Rocket Playground 

I had seen so many pictures of Warriewood Rocket Playground, so many. I’ve also read so many people talking about it in Facebook but I wasn’t sure whether it would meet expectations. Well, I am glad to say that I was wrong – Warriewood Rocket Playground is great! It lived up to my expectations and then some more.

While the Rocket is the immediate attraction for slightly bigger kids (the older pre-school kids and junior school kids) there is more to the playground. There is a smaller area for the littler kids and three great slides. Beyond the play structures the facilities are good too.

I really love this playground. I really do! It’s spacious and open and just lovely.


Please make sure you read the warning at the bottom of this post before visiting. I’m probably overreacting but better to know so you can make a judgment call for yourself and your kids. 


Where is Warriewood Rocket Playground

Warriewood is a suburb on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It’s between North Narrabeen and Mona Vale. The playground is inland from the beach and in Warriewood Valley District Park.
The best address to use to get to Warriewood Rocket Playground is corner Casuarina Drive and Callistemon Way.

Warriewood Rocket Playground Features 

A rocket stands tall and proud in the center of the playground. You can climb up the rocket and then come down the big slide or you can climb stairs to get to a smaller slide.

There are three tall slides that come down off a synthetic hill. They are awesome. While they look a little steep they are perfect for ages 3 and up. I went down a few times with our 2 year old.


There is a smaller play structure set in a different sandy area so little kids can hang out there. The structure has slides

There are swings and a big basket swing and few of those little kids’ rockers.

I reckon that the kids could take the scooters or their bikes and ride around the playground.

The playground does have a natural feeling to it as it is set in a bigger parkland. This is feeling is compounded by the sand and the trees, rocks and plants in the playground itself.

Warriewood Rocket Playground Facilities

There is a little toilet block right against the playground. Not far to walk at all. It can get hot in Warriewood and when it does the sand gets pretty hot. The big slides and the smaller play area has shade cover.

There are a few picnic benches and BBQs under cover.

While the playground is not enclosed it is spread out and away from the road so you would get to your child before they got close to the road, if they were trying to make a break for it.

As I said above, the playground is in a bigger park so you can take a picnic and have lunch in the park. Or just kick a ball around the park.





Please make sure you check the council website before you visit Warriewood Rocket Playground and do a google search of “Rocket Playground Warriewood Northern Beaches Council”. I know this seems extreme and crazy but there was a case of salmonella in the last two years and in December 2017 there were some snakes in the area. I do love this playground and will continue to visit but always check it out online before I go.

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