Timezone Macquarie Park

Timezone Macquarie Park


Timezone Macquarie Park is the best place to take little boys and little girls for an hour or two of insane fun. Where else can you bash things, throw things, kick things and get to choose a reward.


Timezone Macquarie has just opened so I would get there as soon as you can to get the most out of the sparkly new games.


Timezone Macquarie Park


Where is Timezone Macquarie Park


Timezone Macquarie Park is in the Macquarie Center on Sydney’s North Shore. 


Where is The Macquarie Center


You can get to Macquarie by train or bus if you’re looking to go by public transport. If you’re coming by train you’ll want to go on the Chatswood line and get off at Macquarie University Station. By bus you can get to Macquarie from the Sydney CBD on any of the buses that show Marsfield or Epping Station or from Marsfield Station or Epping Station.


If you’re driving there is plenty of parking at the Mac Center and it is free for the first 3 hours. The address for the Mac Center is Herring Rd & Waterloo Rd, North Ryde. 


Where is Timezone in the Mac Center


Once you get to Mac Center you are going to want to head up to the upmost level called The Loft. If you find yourself at the movie level, you still need to go up a little further. 


The Loft is also home to Kathmandu and Loft Café so if you see either of those, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. 


Once you are in the Loft you will see that there are signs on the floor – big red circles that have TimeZone written in yellow. 


Timezone Macquarie Park is one of the best indoor activities


I love going to games centres to entertain the kids because it is so many activities built into one. Kids will love each aspect of playing. 

  • exchanging your money for coins or tokens, so many coins if you give them a note
  • choosing the games you want to play, it takes us forever to walk around and choose 
  • actually playing the game
  • getting the tickets out the game
  • handing your tickets 
  • choosing the toy or prize 


This means you can spend an hour just playing the games but two hours playing the games and doing everything ancillary to it. 


Outside of keeping kids entertained it is also so much fun. Timezone Macquarie is a great activity for youngsters.


The feeling I got watching my son’s face light up as he played the games was indescribable. He was in his element. My two year old also thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially when she got to play with the whole family. It really made her feel like part of the team.


best sydney indoor activities for kids


Our favourite games at Timezone Macquarie Park

Each one of us had such fun at Timezone. There were the odd arguments about which game should be played and who had won at each game but it was an awesome family outing. 


My 4 year old loved the adapted Angry Birds. You stand in front of the Angry Birds screen and operate a giant sling shot.


My little 2 year old love throwing balls into lit up jars filled with water. This was tied with the game where you shoot ducks with water guns so that they go under a bridge.


My husband loved some colour matching game where you stand to win a Playstation. We never won the Playstation though. 


And me? I just loved that we could use our credit in the photo booth so I have a set of photos for our fridge.


How it works


Gone are the days of handing in your notes and getting coins to put into the machines. Now you pay for your loaded card and then you just swipe your card. The tickets you earn are also loaded onto the card. You don’t have to carry around money and tickets it’s all on one card. Just don’t lose the card.


You can either load an amount of money onto the card or you can load an amount of time. 


If you’re loading an amount of time or a package, just be sure to check whether games are included. Each machine has a coloured swiper, with each colour representing a game category. This is not applicable to you when you load a cash amount but the different games will cost different amounts so just make sure you know what you are spending. 


You can even by cards pre-loaded as birthday presents. Such a great gift idea for little kids, especially those kids born in winter. They will get to choose how to spend their gift and it’ll make for a fun activity. It’ll also give the parents a break from thinking up creative outlets for their kids’ energy. 



Timezone Macquarie Park

Why I like Timezone Macquarie Park more than the other games centers


I’ve been to quite a few games arcades, not only does my son love it but my husband and I are pretty competitive and love a reason to compete. I really liked Timezone Macquarie more than any of the centers I have been to before. This is for a few reasons:


  • The staff are so friendly and helpful.
  • There are so many prizes to choose from, both “girls” and “boys”.
  • The games are not just shooting or diving games. There are plenty for pre-school kids to play.
  • From the floors to the tables to the games, it is much cleaner than other centers I have been to. You don’t feel like you need to sanitize your hands every time you’ve played a game.
  • It’s got more natural light filtering inside from its proximity to the entrance than any other games center I have been to


Operating Hours and Prices



Monday to Thursday 9:30 am to 11 pm
Friday 9:30 am to midnight
Saturday 9am to midnight
Sunday 9am to 11pm


During school holidays Timezone Macquarie Park is open from 9am. 


We visited on a Saturday afternoon and it was very busy, I would say that visiting on a weekday or a Sunday morning may be a better option.



There is no limit to how little or how much you put on your card. 


There are a number of promotions that run so I would check out the Timezone Website to see what promotions or special deals are on at the time of your visit. 

Just a proviso, I wouldn’t take really little kids or babies into Timezone as it is very bright and loud. The noise and flashing lights would be unsettling.



This post was sponsored.

My family and I were invited to check out Timezone Macquarie Park.

However, we have visited Timezone prior to this.

All opinions and views are the writers’ own. 




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