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Momtime – need a timeout or 62 timeouts here are ideas. 



MomTime is desperately important so that you can be the best version of yourself. A car can’t drive without petrol. A TV can’t work with out a power source. A child can’t grow without food. Simply put – you can’t be a great mom can’t be that without looking after yourself and recharging your batteries.


Immediate MomTime Out


For those moments where you may scream or cry and need a break immediately.


  1. Grab a sneaky block of chocolate or a whole bar. Eat it slowly and enjoy every mouthful. When you’re done go back to the kids.
  2. Take a five minute breather in your bathroom (alone).
  3. Listen to your favourite song and shake it like a crazy person.
  4. Throw everyone out the house and be alone, in your house, by yourself.
  5. Put on the TV and go to your bedroom and scroll your Facebook, Huffington Post, Buzzed, Pinterest or anything mind numbing for 10 minutes.
  6. Phone a friend or your mom – someone who won’t need more of you or consume anymore of your energy.
  7. Go to the toilet by yourself and stay in the bathroom for an extra minute or two.
  8. Take a walk around the house.
  9. Delete old photos or unnecessary photos from your phone – it will save you from that annoying message telling you that your memory is full. Remember to delete the deleted album.
  10. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and tell the children to stay out the kitchen while you do it.
  11. Throw something you hate away. Whether it is just the rubbish, old newspapers, recycling or a old worn pair of your husband’s pants that drive you nuts. Go find and throw it away.
  12. Walk out the house with the kids as they are and go for a 5 minute walk. Who cares if they are still in their pjs. A change in scenery will be good for you and them. You don’t have to go far, just to the nearest tree for a sit and a breather and then go home.
  13. Write a thank you text message or email to someone who has helped you out recently. It’ll make you and them feel good.
  14. Go lie on your bed, feet up, find your right pillow and be alone in the bed. Use the whole bed, not just the inch allocated to you at night.
  15. Make a list of things you want to do, need to do or things that you’re grateful for.

 need a break from the kids 

Exercised Based MomTime 


I have heard that exercise is really good for you. Who has the time though? You can combine the need for exercise with mom time just make sure it is something you actually enjoy so that you are having fun and it doesn’t feel like another task or ask of you.


  1. Find a gym with a Creche. You’ll feel better with those endorphins and they’ll be looked after.
  2. Go for a walk. Outside is great but indoors around a shopping center with no one hanging on you is also good.
  3. Join a sports club – hockey, soccer or netball. My skill level would require a beginners group but it could be fun nevertheless.
  4. Take a hike in a local nature reserve or somewhere that has stairs and would be impossible with children.
  5. Hit up a bike hire (there will most likely be a bike path or suggested route close by). Go somewhere with a view.
  6. Yoga. Enough said. This is my choice. It is so quite and calming and always makes me feel better.
  7. Locate your nearest swimming pool and go for a swim. Being in the water can make you feel so uplifted. Better if it is a sea pool as that also adjusts the pH levels in your skin making you feel rejuvenated.
  8. Take a dance class. Ballet, hip hop, tap dancing, ballroom or burlesque whatever will bring you joy.


moms need a break

Time consuming but inexpensive MomTime


Time is one of our most valuable commodities so while these suggestions are inexpensive in a cash sense they do ask that you take considerable time out of your schedule. It will be good for you though, I have no doubt. By the time you get back you will be reenergised and ready to hear the word “muuuuuuuum”.

  1. Walk through a nursery, florist or botanical garden.
  2. Get your makeup done by a professional at a makeup counter.
  3. Go to the beach and get some sun and fresh air.
  4. Get a library card and start taking out books, audio books, DVDs or magazines.
  5. Watch the sun set with a nice drink.
  6. Take a tour of a historic building or a magnificent church.
  7. Go on a scenic drive. Listen to the music or radio station you want!
  8. Bake something just for you that you really enjoy but never make for yourself.
  9. Browse a home decor shop. Be sure to feel all the gorgeously soft blankets and smell all the delicious candles. Maybe you will even nab a bargain.
  10. Visit the park by yourself, with a picnic blanket and watch the clouds.

do something for you moms

Treat yourself MomTime


If you’re like me you used to be an excellent shopper where most purchases were for you until you had kids then you swapped your nice clothes for average adult clothes for yourself and stunning clothes for your kids. Ladies, its time to get back to those pre-kid, self-spoiling days, just for a little bit.

  1. Buy a dress or top you’ve had your eye on.
  2. Get together with a group of friends for cocktails or mocktails.
  3. Watch a movie by yourself.
  4. Treat yourself to a pedicure.
  5. Buy yourself a magazine – a completely feminine thing to do that will transfer you to a world away.
  6. High tea can be a luxurious treat
  7. Have your hair cut.
  8. Enjoy being completely alone in the real world – have a meal, a drink or a coffee by yourself.
  9. Spend the big bucks and buy tickets to a concert or a theater production.
  10. Go to a museum or art gallery. Do you know how nice and quiet it is there!
  11. Learn how to skateboard or roller skate or surf or ski.
  12. Get a massage. Book it somewhere that has a calming environment and is like visiting a spa.
  13. Find the closest outlet store, warn your husband in advance and go shopping. Regardless of who it is for, going out and doing a bit of retail therapy ALONE is fantastic fun.
  14. Have a meal with friends. Either dinner and get dressed up or brunch and wear something pretty but whatever you do go somewhere child-unfriendly.

you need a break mom

Habit forming MomTime ideas 


  1. Read a book – just a chapter or two a night.
  2. Put your kids on the couch and make yourself something to eat. I’m dreadful at this but being properly fed should make you feel better.
  3. Set aside one weekend a month where you take a morning for yourself.
  4. Watch a show you love once a week.
  5. Start working on a puzzle.
  6. Take a class – baking, a new language, yoga or cross fit. Whatever piques your fancy.
  7. Get a babysitter once every few months. Either you can ask a friend’s older child or offer to baby-sit swap with another mom who has a child the same age. There is always the paying a babysitter or babysitting service to come over to your house.
  8. Buy a sudoko puzzle book. When your kids see the book come out they know its time for them to go play in their room until you have finished one (or ten puzzles).
  9. Having a colouring in time. Get yourself a colouring in book and colour at the table while they colour in somewhere else so you don’t have to share books or pencils.
  10. Make a point to read the weekly local newspaper. Not only will it keep you informed but it will be good to read something not on a screen.
  11. Sleep more. Whether its going to bed earlier every night a week from hereon or going to bed really early one night a week you will feel amazing.


mom time out

Change up a normal activity and save some time to put aside for you 

This is a crazy list of ideas. What if you were to introduce a new dynamic. Change your normal routine to ensure that you get a little more time in your week. That time can then be used for yourself.


You have to be careful here that your saved time is not then transferred to another family activity or Mom Duty. You have to keep the time aside for some MomTime.


  1. Develop one quick meal that the kids love that requires no prep on your part – she should give you a few more minutes every couple of weeks.
  2. Schedule some downtime in your daily routine. If you’ve got little ones who still sleep – grab that break for yourself, if you’ve got bigger kids schedule quiet time for them. Use that time for yourself.
  3. Do your grocery shopping without the kids when your husband is at home. Get a coffee before and make it a leisurely walk. Or buy it after and hide in the car for a bit.
  4. If you can work it into your budget get a cleaner in once a month or have your ironing done once a month.

break from the kids

If you’re wondering if you need a time out the answer is definitely yes!

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  1. These are seriously awesome!!! I will never suffer from not knowing what to do again! And I love that some of them are active and others are just cloud watching and enjoying. This is so great x

  2. Great list, and I love how you’ve categorized them! Honestly, sometimes just running errands by myself can be cathartic! I love the sneaky chocolate one . . . I do that a lot! 🙂

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