Clareville Beach

Clareville Beach Clareville Beach is like a harbour beach but on Pittwater. It’s up north near Avalon but tucked away and  really hidden. It’s a perfect little beach for families and a great one to visit when the wind is too strong for the other Northern Beaches.   The strip of Clareville Beach has 320m […]

Sydney Coastal Walks

Dee Why Coastal Walk – along the cliffs with Kids

Dee Why Coastal Walk – along the cliffs with Kids The Dee Why Coastal Walk is beautiful. It’s really unassuming, almost hidden. It’s just a lovely nature walk.  My husband discovered the Dee Why Coastal Walk when out running one day. He then bravely took the kids for a walk, by himself. Upon seeing the […]

Dee Why Beach 

Dee Why Beach Dee Why Beach is our regular go to. It’s a family friendly beach with sea pools and a playground. Plenty of restaurants across the road and a massive green belt that is perfect for picnics make Dee Why Beach a full day activity.   The playground (located in what the map below calls […]