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Are you a domestic goddess … Take the test 

Are you a domestic goddess? What is the definition of Domestic Goddess? Is a Domestic Goddess someone who gets it right all the time while looking perfect? Maybe. Is a Domestic Goddess someone who outsources everything to other people. That is a great idea.   In this post a Domestic Goddess is someone who does performs all […]

Mom Types: What Mom Type are you?

Mom Types There are so many different moms that you come across. While we are all different it is some times amusing to try simplify things and put together a list of Mom Types.  When I was sent this from Thoroughly Reviewed I was almost too embarrassed to read this. I didn’t want to see which […]

Getting lost in the Momlife

MOMLIFE AND PRESERVING YOUR OWN SELF  Momlife =  that life where is everything revolves around your family, partner and children. The Balance   When I was at varsity people couldn’t get enough of advocating the study / play balance. Don’t go and party too much but by the same token don’t stay indoors and not […]

A day in the life of… A Stay at Home Mom

A Day in the Life…. of a Stay at Home Mom What did you do all day? Don’t you just love it when you get asked “what do you do all day”. As if I sit at home watching TV, sipping on hot tea only to get out every so often to get my hair […]

The Religious Effect: Raising Children in a Muslim Family 

Raising children in a Muslim Family    Today’s post comes to you from Breharne, a fellow Australian mom  blogger who is married with 2 beautiful girls. Breharne is just like me – she loves trying out new places with her children and trying to keep them entertained. ♦   I’m just an ordinary Aussie mum.  […]

Kidloland App – Review and GIVEAWAY

KIDLOLAND THE KIDLOLAND APP REVIEW    The Kidloland App has 1000+ Nursery Rhymes, Songs, Stories, Activities, Games    The Kidloland App has won numerous awards and its easy to see why – it comes with a multitude of songs, games, nursery rhymes and activities to keep your under 5s busy. More than that its not […]

It’s only 8:47am and… 

It’s only 8:47am and…  How is it only 8:47am and not 8:47pm?   I’ve saved a dummy from the dustbin. Thank goodness it was the recycling bin and not the actual rubbish bin. Made pancakes because my son will not eat any other yukky thing. And then had to dissuade him from assisting me. Removed […]

Friends for life?? 

Can we be friends for life? Friends for life are few and far between. It can be hard work finding people who you click with.   We all have those days when our kids are going mental. It can be so embarrassing in the presence of potentially new friends.   I reckon if you can […]

Think you’re going crazy!?!? It’s not you, every parent feels that way! 

Do you think you’re going crazy? I hear this all the time from moms I know well, moms I cross paths with in the shops and when I talk to myself in the mirror 🙂   Reasons why you may feel crazy There are a LOT of factors which contribute to feeling like this – […]

One day I will…

One day I will  A stellar list of things I want to accomplish One day… I’ve heard these words so many times. On one such occasion I wondered for myself what I would do if I had time on my hands. If, for one moment, I didn’t have to run around after two little kids. […]