The invite is where you start.   No, not by sending out the invite – that’s still a long way to come. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able to do it by the end of this post. If not you’ll at least be able to send out Save the Dates, yes Save the Dates […]

Introduction to The Ultimate Party Planning Guide 

A Crazy Woman’s Guide to Party Planning I’ve been called crazy once or twice (maybe once or twice a day :)) and there is nothing that makes me crazier than when I’m trying to do something special for one of my children. Birthdays are just that. Party planning brings out some of my crazier ideas […]

Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Playdate

How to Host a Playdate The two types of playdate There are two types of play date. Play dates where the parents are friends and the kids are forced to forge a friendship. The other type is where the kids are friends and the parents are secondary to the interaction. You will know the difference […]