snow day and rainy day activities

Bad Weather Activities and A GIVEAWAY

31 Bad Weather Activities and a GIVEAWAY Bad weather + kids = misery It can be so tough to keep kids entertained if bad weather is stopping you from going outside. Bad weather can really ruin a day. This rings especially true if you have two little kids who are bursting with energy.  Coupled with this […]

How I survive sleeping in the same vicinity as my feisty kids

The Lighter Side of Co-Sleeping Is it really co-sleeping? Anyone else’s children climb in their bed in the middle of the night? Then they spread themselves out with their feet on your face…   We put a double bed in her room for when guests visit. Little did I know I would spend a lot […]


The invite is where you start.   No, not by sending out the invite – that’s still a long way to come. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able to do it by the end of this post. If not you’ll at least be able to send out Save the Dates, yes Save the Dates […]

Introduction to The Ultimate Party Planning Guide 

A Crazy Woman’s Guide to Party Planning I’ve been called crazy once or twice (maybe once or twice a day :)) and there is nothing that makes me crazier than when I’m trying to do something special for one of my children. Birthdays are just that. Party planning brings out some of my crazier ideas […]

joburg with kids

120 things to do with kids in Johannesburg and surrounds (Part 1)

JOHANNESBURG WITH CHILDREN  Visiting Joburg  If you’re in Johannesburg with children and looking for suitable places to visit below is a list of 60 places to visit. This is the first half of the 120 strong list. There are restaurants listed, activities and a places that combine both. This list is based purely on suggestions […]

What to buy when you’re expecting – SICK BABIES

WHAT TO BUY IN ANTICIPATION OF A SICK BABY AND DEALING WITH COLIC A Sick baby is heartbreaking There is absolutely nothing worse than a sick baby!!! No one really tells you how awful it is when your baby is ill. Your poor little helpless thing can’t communicate their needs. You feel guilty about not […]

Giving in and letting my 2 kids share a bedroom

Letting my kids share a bedroom They love each other right now My son is almost 4 and for a while he has been asking if his sister can share his bedroom. She’s 19 months and absolutely adores his brother. She would, no doubt, also make this request if she could verbalise it.   The […]