Redberry Farm, George, South Africa 

Redberry Farm is a great stop along South Africa’s garden route if you have kids. There are few things I love as much as coming across a new place for the kids to explore and discovering that it’s perfect for them.


Where is Redberry Farm


Redberry Farm just outside George has all sorts of activities for kids from strawberry picking to Pony Rides and a Mini Train. We visited specifically to pick Strawberries but couldn’t help trying to fit in a quick ride on the mini train.


Redberry Farm is just off the R404, North of Herold’s Bay and the George Airport.
It’s been 7 years since I visited the Greater Garden Route region and I’ve never taken kids through the area so I didn’t know where to take them or what to do on our recent trip to Reebok in the Western Cape.


Luckily for us Nanna had some tricks up her sleeve and took us to the new Hartenbos Seefront and Redberry Farm. This post is about us all about Redberry Farm, the Seefront post will be out at a later date.


Strawberry Picking 


The kids absolutely loved picking strawberries, our son spent ages walking up and down the rows looking for the biggest strawberries. My daughter on the other hand plonked herself next to the fields and sat down ready to eat. Pity they dont let you. It’s quite hard to convince a 2 year old chubby cheeks who adores strawberries not to eat them.


To get to the strawberry picking:

  1. Present yourself at the shop.
  2. Choose the size container you want. There is a R20 option and a R30 option
  3. Pay for the size container you want to fill. Each person entering the field will need their own container to fill.


Make sure you get your entrance sticker or stub because you will need to hand this over to the ladies who guard the entrance to the strawberry picking.


Once you’ve bought your container you will be directed past the playground, over the railway bridge, past the railway station to the strawberry fields.


There are a few rules for the strawberry picking:


  • don’t stand on the strawberry plants nor cross over them
  • no eating strawberries in the field
  • only fill your container, any more will not be allowed to leave the fields.


The strawberries were absolutely stunning! Even though we went at the end of the season there were plenty left and the quality was impressive.


Redberry Express Mini Train 


1 ticket will get you 1 ride along the 800m track. The track starts at the train station and winds around past the maze, past the strawberry fields, through a tunnel and back to the station.


A ticket will cost you R15 for a child and R20 for an adult. Yes, it can fit adults and you will need to accompany the little ones because there are no guard rails. There is no age requirement so even my littlest who was 22 months at the time could go, thank goodness because she was itching to get on board.


Redberry Food


After the Strawberry Picking and Redberry Express Mini Train there was just enough time to have a bite to eat while the kids played in the playground and watched the bunnies and guniea pigs.


There are a selection of salads, sandwiches and burgers on offer. The kids ate off of the kids menu which includes nuggets, viennas and a hot dog all served with potato smileys or chips. You order from the shop and then wait staff bring it out to you in the tea garden. Had we had more time I may have also had the scones but alas we had to leave to get back to Port Elizabeth.



Other Activities 


Aside from the Strawberry Picking and Mini Train you can also try your hand at:

  • Paddle and bumper boats.
  • Pony rides (if you’re over 3 and not scared of heights).
  • Bubble ball (that big plastic ball you climb in and ‘run’ on water).
  • The largest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere.
  • Pedal Go-Karts.

There is also a lovely Coffee and Berry Bar which serves takeaways and amazing cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats. While there is indoor seating all the food and beverages are ordered at the counter and served as Takeaways.


If you want a burger, salad or sandwich sit at one of the tables next to the playground. There will either be a menu on the table or a waitress will bring you one. You may have to order directly from the shop but there is service.


Don’t leave without checking out the shop where you can buy jams, berries, curios and padkos. I bought some awesome berries which we used in conjunction with the strawberries on a homemade pavlova and some weird jam which I had never seen before.


Redberry Farm is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4pm.


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