Mary had a little lamb, Georgie Porgie and Frere Jacques

Mary Had a Little Lamb, Georgie Porgie & Frere Jacques 

It’s unusual to have names in Nursery Rhymes. Here are three that do –  Mary had a little lamb, Georgie Porgie and Frere Jacques.

These are time old classics and three that I enjoyed singing as a child.

If you have any other great Nursery Rhymes that you used to sing as a child, please comment below or on Facebook and I’ll put those together to add to the collection.

Mary had a Little Lamb 


This is one of my daughter’s favourites – she has a toy Lamb that she is attached to. We have actually replaced “Mary” with her name and now she loves it even more. You could actually swap out the name “Mary” and “Little Lamb” with anything to specialised it for your child.

mary had a little lamb and other great nursery rhymes
Georgie Porgie  

This is one of my absolute favourites. I had a friend called George when I was very young and we sang this to him all the time. In hindsight maybe it’s not the nicest thing to call anyone.

mary had a little lamb & georgie porgie

Frere Jacques 

While this is not an English Nursery Rhyme it is sang the world over.
mary had a little lamb and frere jacques


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