Little Leapers at Sky Zone, Alexandria 

Little Leapers at Sky Zone, Alexandria

Sky Zone

Sky Zone is wall to wall trampolines, an indoor trampoline park. That in itself should be enticing enough but to boot there is a program for under 5s.


We set off to Alexandria purely to experience this Little Leapers program. We had such fun!


Little Leapers at Sky Zone, Alexandria


Where is Sky Zone, Alexandria 

We visited Sky Zone, Alexandria. In Alexandria’s famous O’Riodan street. If you have ever taken anyone to the airport or fetched anyone from Kingsford Smith you would know this road well. Especially, if like us you get lost every second time you leave the airport. But I digress.




The official address for Sky Zone Australia is 75 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria, Sydney, 2015.


As I said it is part of a big Industrial complex. If you miss the first entrance you can get into the second entrance and drive around the back of the complex.


The Venue is also part of the same complex so if you know where that is you will easily find your way.




There are parking spots directly outside the sky zone building.


Be careful however as there is free parking, ticketed parking and no parking areas. The area is continuously patrolled so you don’t want to get caught out.

 Where is Little Leapers at Sky Zone, Alexandria 

What is Sky Zone


Sky Zone is a trampoline park with a number of features set around trampolining and anti-gravity. There are over 100 connected trampolines set up in different areas for all sorts of fun.


I has seen these types of places on television but had never seen one in real life. It was even better than I expected it to be. I think it helps that it is clean and neat and well monitored.

What is Little Leapers


Little Leapers is a program specifically dedicated to kids under 5. We headed out to Alexandria to check out this programme and its suitability for kids.


The program runs outside of school holidays and consists of an hour of trampoline access in three designated areas. Each area provides something different for the kids to incorporate into bouncing.


Little Leapers at Sky Zone, Alexandria, Sydney


1. The Big Bag and Foam Pit


Located across from six trampolines is a big foam pit. This was my son’s favourite place to play. He would run as fast as he could and fling himself into the Foam Pit with great glee. He spent ages crawling around the Foam Pit laughing.


The Big Bag to the right of the Foam Pit is like the base of a jumping castle except it isn’t bouncy. You can fling yourself into the Bag and it absorbs you.


2. Basketball

There are two long and narrow trampolines which have basketball hoops set up at the end.


The kids can run or jump along the trampoline and then try shoot the basketball into the hoop. One of the hoops is set quite low so that little ones have a hope of getting the ball in the basket.


My 4.5 year old loved this area and spent quite some time trying to get the ball through the hoop. However, the concept was completely lost on my 2 year old who just chased the ball along the trampoline.



3. Free Jumping 

Most of Sky Zone is made up of trampolines covering the floors and walls. Towards the back of the centre a section is cordoned off for the Little Leapers.

In this section, further divisions have been made for:

  • Older Little Leapers
  • Smaller Little Leapers jumping alone
  • Little Leapers jumping with an adult


We headed off to the section for Little Leapers jumping with an adult but I gave up after about 10 minutes. Bouncing is serious exercise that my body is just not cut out for.


In these sections some soft toys have been placed on the trampolines so that the kids can bounce and play with them at the same time.


This is probably where we spent the least time but only because my son wanted to go hurl himself at the organs soft blocks again.


Safety is Paramount 


In an environment with lots of kids and a lot of trampolines you have to be extra vigilant. I really love how attentive Sky Zone is to safety.

At each of the Little Leapers stations you will find at least one Sky Marshall. A Sky Marshall is the equivalent of a jumping life saver. Their job is to ensure that the rules are kept and the little leapers are protected as best as possible.

The rules are as follows:

  1. You must buy and wear the traction socks. “Zone grip socks”.
  2. Only 1 person is to jump on a trampoline at a time.
  3. Little Leapers sessions start on the hour.

Little Leapers at Sky Zone, Alexandria, Sydney

Sky Zone Facilities


Sky Zone is fully kitted out for the whole family and probably has everything you need.


There is a cafe on the top level just alongside the ticket desk. They have a full selection of drinks, snacks and coffee too. Thank goodness because this jumping is exhausting!


You will want to get there a little earlier than your designated hour to get everyone ready so to keep the kids occupied there is a little play area with some toys and big cloud shaped soft blocks.


While the entrance to the front desk appears to be up a big flight of stairs, there is a small lift behind the stairs for those spectators in wheelchairs.


There are bathrooms on the lower level and a baby changing table in one of the bathrooms.

Tickets and Opening Hours

General Opening hours

(during school term)

  • Monday to Thursday  10am to 10pm
  • Friday                          10am to 11pm
  • Saturday                      9am to 11pm
  • Sunday                        9am to 9pm

During school holidays Sky Zone is open from 9am every day.


Little Leapers Hours

(during school term)

  • Monday to Friday        10am – 1pm
  • Saturday & Sunday     9am – 10am


Age Suitability

At the time of publication my kids are currently 4.5 years old and 2 years old.


My eldest absolutely loved every aspect of the Little Leapers programme. He managed to bounce for 50 minutes before saying he needed something to eat and a rest, granted it was midday by this point. I feel that any active 4 year old could probably enjoy a maximum of 2 hours.


My daughter did not survive the full hour of jumping. She spent about 20 minutes jumping and singing until she couldn’t move anymore. After a short sip of water she managed to have a few jumps toward the basketball hoops and a cuddle of the soft toys. Having said that, she absolutely loved it.


My son loved the experience so much he’s taking his “special socks” to show and tell at school.



For information check out the Sky Zone website 




The kids and I were invited by Sky Zone to try out Little Leapers.

As you can tell, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

All views and opinions expressed are the writers own.  

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