Dermaveen Shampoo – the answer to CradleCap (for us)

Curing Cradle Cap 

Our personal experience of Cradle Cap

Cradle Cap plagued my child for years. The poor little thing’s hair wasn’t even growing properly as a result of it.


It started when he was a baby and at almost 4 it still had not gone away. It was getting so bad that my son had started to notice that there were things on his head. At one stage he thought they were bugs. Poor boy!


We tried everything that we read online. We

  • washed his hair more,
  • washed his hair less,
  • avoided the hairdryer,
  • massaged baby oil through his hair,
  • used sensitive shampoo,
  • used paw paw based shampoo.


If we read about a new idea, we tried it.


Temporary Relief

Our latest research (Dr Google) suggested that we:

  1. wash our sons less,
  2. brush rigorously and
  3. avoid hair drying his hair.


Following this approach seemed to prevent the Cradle Cap from getting worse but it didn’t help it get any better.


Finding the accidental solution


I was shopping with my little girl when she got bored and started unpacking all the shelves. Typical with little kids. While I was packing all the eye drops back onto the shelf I spotted a new sensitive shampoo I had never seen before.


Dermaveen purported to be fragrance free and suited to sensitive skin.


We’d tried every other one and this was on special so I thought we had better give it a try.


cradle cap solved by dermaveen



I am not affiliated to this product it’s just been fantastic for us.


Dermaveen has helped my son so much. Within 3 weeks it has almost banished the Cradle Cap and his hair is growing beautifully. It’s growing in patches it has never grown before.


I am not a medical expert or qualified to hand out advice on Cradle Cap, I’m just a mom who found something that helped her son out.

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