Black Friday in Australia: where to get a deal in 2017

Black Friday in Australia: where to get a deal in 2017 Interested in Black Friday in Australia? I certainly am, I can get all my Christmas shopping down at a fraction of the price.   Here is a list of stores participating in Black Friday in Australia. There are more but these are the ones […]

A Christmas Eve Box is a box filled with things for the kids to do or wear in anticipation of Christmas or for Christmas Day. In my mind a Christmas Box is about setting the scene for Christmas.

Creating a Christmas Eve Box for the Kids

Creating a Christmas Eve Box for the Kids If you know me, you’ll know that I just love Christmas. It is such a special time filled with awesome memories of when I was growing up but also because its a time when I get to make memories for my kids. Last year I wrote about […]

Gifts for 5 year old boys 

Gifts for 5 year old boys  It’s hard to get perfect gifts for 5 year old boys. It’s because they think they are so much bigger, smarter and mature than they really are. I’m not affiliated to or with any of the ideas in this post, they are just items that my son does love.  […]

10 great presents for 2 year old girls

10 great gifts for 2 year old girls

10 Great Gifts for 2 Year Olds Great gifts are hard to come by. There are so many things on the market that it gets distracting. You land up doubting everything you think would be good or maybe great even. Here is a gift guide based on what my 2 year old received for Christmas […]


40 GIFTS FOR MEN  Men are so difficult to buy for. Probably because they never tell you what they want. They may make suggestions but those are always ridiculous. Here is a guide of gifts for men that you may not have thought of yourself.   These gifts are not completely wacky but they are […]

7 gifts for coffee lovers 

7 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers Coffee Lovers There are so many gorgeous coffee cups on offer but a true coffee lover would have very specific ideas on what makes a perfect coffee cup and they probably have a few so rather check out these options…   1. A unique bag of beans A tasteful […]

End of year Presents for Teachers (that don’t include an apple or a mug) 

Presents for Teachers Presents for teachers is one of those things that can take a lot of time and energy. You want it to be good. After all, these are the people who look after your most prized possession. These are the people shaping the minds of our children.   Past Presents for Teachers Two years […]

7 gifts for the woman who loves summer 

7 Summer Gifts  I loathe being cold and love warm summery weather. There are millions of things I need to enhance my summer but here are just 7 of the things I have or would love to have.   The Summer Gifts List A decent, soft, massive beach towel. We were gifted a couple from […]