Not sure what to play with your young kids in the car, AllThingsMomSydney offers some suggestions.

Car games for kids

We’ve just completed two long road trips with the kids and it’s really important to have some car games for kids. I’m talking I-spy type of games. Games where they don’t have to be hooked up to the iPad with head phone. Not that I’m judging, my son watched the I-pad for a record 9 […]

Animal Nursery Rhymes

A few years back I published a whole bunch of Nursery Rhymes on the site and I hadn’t thought about them since. Until my little one started telling me new Nursery Rhymes and I went back to have a look at the ones on the AllThingsMomSydney. It has now come time to add to those […]

Recommended Movies for Younger Kids

Movies for Younger Kids It’s hard to find suitable movies for younger kids. I’m hoping that this list of recommended movies for young kids makes it a little easier to find thing that you’re happy letting your child watch. Despite my daughter’s unwavering love of Frozen, I actually haven’t included it in this list. I […]

How to respond to Cyberbullying

How to Respond to Cyberbullying This is the third part of a series on Cyberbullying. In the first week I posted on Understanding Cyberbullying, in the second week we touched on Cyberbullying and Teen Depression and this week we look at how to respond to Cyberbullying. I encourage you to read both previous posts  if […]

Cyberbullying & Teen Depression

Cyberbullying & Teen Depression This is the second part of a three part series on cyberbullying. In the first week we looked at Understanding Cyberbullying. This week we will focus on Cyberbullying and Teen Depression. I don’t suggest that all teen depression comes from Cyberbullying but I do believe that there is an increase in […]

Ladybug Music Sydney: the best toddlers music classes on the Northern Beaches

Ladybug Music Sydney My daughter was and is obsessed with Ladybug Music. Of all the activities, groups and programs I’ve done with my kids over the years this is most definitely one of the top 3 I would recommend any day of the week. It’s so high on my list of “best ever” it would […]

December school holidays – a guide on what to do

December school holidays 8 weeks of ideas to keep your kids entertained and you sane!  December school holidays are almost upon us. I cannot believe that we are here and the school year is over. As this is our first year at school, the whole thing has been quite a shock to the system. So […]

Meal Planning Week 8

Meal Planning – Week 8  Last week saw our return to Meal Planning. Now that our family is back in the swing of things we are moving on to Meal Planning Week 8. These posts are always a bit selfish because it helps me keep myself in check and I can use it as a reference […]