UP! A beautiful movie for the whole family  I had forgotten how beautiful UP! is both in story and in creation. I’m really fussy about what my kids watch and this one is spot on. The story has it’s sad moments and happy beautiful moments. Visually, it’s bright and colourful.   I love UP! even […]

FREE SYDNEY: 40 free things to see and do in Sydney

Free Sydney  Free Sydney is a list of 40 things to see and do that, unlike most things in Sydney, won’t break the bank. This list is about experiencing Sydney in various ways and forms. There should be something for everybody on this list.   If you have got visitors coming to Sydney this list […]

Nubo Alexandria – my favourite play space in Sydney

Nubo Alexandria Oh my gosh, Nubo Alexandria was everything I had hoped it would be. It’s pretty, it’s functional, it’s unique and it’s perfect for parents and kids. I’m not sure you get better than Nubo Alexandria. Maybe Nubo Chatswood will give it a run for its money.   It’s hard to pick what my […]

Petty Cash Cafe – best cafe experience

Petty Cash Cafe Visting Petty Cash Cafe last week was probably one of the best café experiences I’ve ever had with the kids, anywhere in the world. The food is good, the café quirky and the people that run it are excellent!   Petty Cash Cafe is so relaxed and welcoming I wish it was […]

My scar ectopic pregnancy – hopefully the worst experience of my life

My scar ectopic pregnancy – hopefully the worst experience of my life Today is my birthday. Two years ago today, I was in hospital with a scar ectopic pregnancy. I’ve been held at knife point, I’ve miscarried, I’ve immigrated across the world. None of that compares to the scar ectopic. It was the worst experience […]

The Titanic Exhibition has come to Sydney and its for the whole family!

The Titanic Exhibition in Sydney I’m a history nut. I also love the stories of people’s lives so for me the Titanic Exhibition is a perfect combination of things I love. When we were asked if we would like to attend, I didn’t even bother asking my husband. I jumped at the opportunity to go, […]

22 Awesome FREE Things to do with Kids in Sydney

23 AWESOME FREE ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS IN SYDNEY  (THE OUTDOOR EDITION) Free activities are generally boring. Not this list. Here is a list of great family friendly FREE activities that the kids will love. These activities are focused on being outdoors and getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. In time I will put together […]

Black Friday in Australia: where to get a deal in 2017

Black Friday in Australia: where to get a deal in 2017 Interested in Black Friday in Australia? I certainly am, I can get all my Christmas shopping down at a fraction of the price.   Here is a list of stores participating in Black Friday in Australia. There are more but these are the ones […]

A Christmas Eve Box is a box filled with things for the kids to do or wear in anticipation of Christmas or for Christmas Day. In my mind a Christmas Box is about setting the scene for Christmas.

Creating a Christmas Eve Box for the Kids

Creating a Christmas Eve Box for the Kids If you know me, you’ll know that I just love Christmas. It is such a special time filled with awesome memories of when I was growing up but also because its a time when I get to make memories for my kids. Last year I wrote about […]

Explaining Titanic to Young Kids

Explaining Titanic to Young Kids If you’re in need of explaining Titanic to young kids, whatever the reason I have just the post for you. I would like to say I’m not a strange person who goes around Explaining Titanic to Young Kids but I feel I am one of those people. I have the […]