2 Reasons to Shop at Warringah Westfield

2 Reasons to Shop at Warringah Westfield

when you have little kids


Warringah Westfield underwent a major renovation last year. It now looks pretty snazzy and has some decent shops to boot. I like these features and may briefly touch on them below but there are two major draw cards. Play Area 1 and Play Area 2.


For me the introduction of the two new Play Areas is tops. I’ve been meaning to write this post for ages because I love going to shop there now, before I would make the trip all the way to Macquarie but following the changes, this is my preferred mall.

(SIDE BAR: if you’re shopping at MacQuarie with kids be sure to get your coffee from the Loft Cafe as it has a soft play area right next to the outside seating.) 



I am in no way affiliated to the Mall or the Company I just want to share these finds with you.



Warringah Westfield Play Area 1 

Play Area 1 on the Cole side of the shopping centre between Coles and Meyer (near Anaconda and H & M Home). Of the two play areas, Play Area 1 is more noticeable and probably better well known.


This play area is best suited to toddlers who can walk to kids 5 – 6 years of age. My son is 4.5 years old (very important we mention the .5 as he keeps reminding me) and I reckon we will still be visiting this play area for the next year or so.


Play Area 1 has a marine theme to it and features:

  • a paddle boat to sit in
  • two metal sails to walk through or climb
  • light up stepping stones
  • soft sprung floor
  • Spinners for the kids to sit on and spin around 
  • A “submerged boat” which ia just a small triangle metal structure with things for kids to play with. 
  • seating around the play area for the carers

It previously had a metal structure of a shell for the kids to climb through and on but it has been removed so I don’t know if it will be back.
In line with the marine theme the following features have been introduced:

  1. Rocks with different sea creatures carved into them. 
  2. Pier pylons for the kids to sit on. 
  3. Blue spots (bubbles) on the floor for the kids to follow around the play area. 


An added bonus is that there is a coffee shop right on the edge of the playground so you can secure a table, have a coffee and watch your kids play in the area.


Warringah Westfield Play Area 2

Play Area 2 is the smaller of the two play areas and is more suited to babies and toddlers.

This play area is close to Target and opposite Just Jeans. 

This Play Area is more like a soft play area with the following features:

  •  two small slides
  • a car to sit in
  • big soft plastic blocks
  • couches for carers to sit on.


Other Reasons to visit Warringah Westfield

  1. There is loads of Moms with Prams parking.
  2. A number of great new coffee shops.
  3. The gorgeous water feature that you can sit in front of with a cup of coffee and zone out.
  4. H & M Home has just opened.
  5. The David Jones has great takeaway coffee.
  6. The Woolworths is a really nice one.
  7. I just discovered a great toy store at Westfield Warringah – just above Target.
  8. There is a great health food store that serves amazing salads and healthy meals just outside of Woolworths (it is tucked away down so you have to look for it but you will recognise it when you see it).


If you’re in the area and its a beautiful day you could also go play at a nearby playground or the beach. One of the following spots would be great.

Dee Why Beach


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