10 great presents for 2 year old girls

10 great gifts for 2 year old girls

10 Great Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Great gifts are hard to come by. There are so many things on the market that it gets distracting. You land up doubting everything you think would be good or maybe great even. Here is a gift guide based on what my 2 year old received for Christmas and her birthday and what she has fallen in love with. 

Yes I’m being very cliched and making this all pink but its my daughter’s favourite colour at the  moment. This is a little tribute based on the things she loves so pink it is.

1. A doll from her favourite movie or show 

If the 2 year old in your life is like the 2 year old in my life – she is obsessed with Frozen. A great frozen doll should go a long way. This little one from Kmart is too cute.

2. A shopping Till 

I thought that a shopping till may be too advance for my daughter. Well I was wrong, she got one from Granny and just loves it. Even with the fake money she has taken really good care of it. The picture below is the one we got. I have seen other lovely ones made out of wood.

minnie mouse till is a great gift for 2 year olds

3. Keys 

Keys seem to be a huge attraction at this age and make great gifts. Not in the same way a baby is attracted to keys, at this age there is purpose. They want the keys to open things, to copy what they see you do. A set of plastic keys with a few buttons that make sounds are great gifts.

4. Trains and Cars 

My little one loves “boys toys”. My son is obsessed with cars and trains. So, because my son is obsessed with cars and trains my little girl is too. However, its hard to find one that is just a little girly so that her brother doesn’t steal it. I’ve found this little cutie from Target – her name is Ashima.  I had never seen her before until I went looking for her specifically. While you could get Annie or Clarrabel (the two that Thomas pulls) no boy will his sister have that without him getting them too.

boy toys as great gifts for 2 year old girls

5. Duplo 

Duplo is the age appropriate Lego for kids this age. There are sets that are for ages 1.5 years old but you want to look for the blocks that are for 2 years +.

While its not necessary to get a girl focused set:

  • they do make some lovely sets specifically for girls; and
  • if you have a son it makes it clear whose duple blocks are whose because the colours are slightly different.


There are some great sets on offer at the moment, like an Ice-Cream Truck, Princess Castle or Sofia The First complete with flying horse (or is it a unicorn).


great gifts for 2 year olds


6. Activity Books 

Activity books that combine colouring in and stickers are just too lovely. You can get books that are themed to TV characters or you can get books that are themed to stories books or places.


These are great gifts as they can keep little ones entertained for ages! And these books don’t make as much mess as some other craft activities.


7. Dressing Up 

My little one loves dressing up. So if she’s anything to go by, dressing up garb makes great gifts for 2 year olds. Good ideas  include:

  • A pretty tutu.
  • Mermaid skirt.
  • Crown or tiara


8. Bello Sound Farm

The Bello Sound Farm Puzzle combines puzzles with animal sounds.  2 things that kids this age love. At Kidstuff you can get it for $30.


9. Toy Camera

A toy camera is a huge hit. My son got one at this age and was mesmerized by it. We got one for our daughter for her 2nd Birthday and again, it was a hit. So this is a very safe bet.


10. Kitchen 

A play kitchen is so much fun. There are so many different options on the market at a variety of costs. I suggest you choose your budget and then pick which fits that budget and your house . When you think about what what fits your house consider the space that is available and the colour of the kitchen.


great gifts for 2 year olds


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