10 awesome presents for 4 year old boys

10 awesome gifts for 4 year old boys

10 awesome gifts for 4 year old boys

4 year old boys

My son recently turned 4 and it took me ages to find gifts for him that were suitable. It’s tough  because they tend to like things that are not suitable. They’re a difficult bunch, they think that they’re a whole lot older and tougher than they actually are. They want to watch The Avengers but they actually enjoy Peppa Pig as much. They want to talk guns and shooting but they also want a cuddle!



I’m not affiliated to any of the products or brands below.  


These are just my honest thoughts. Enjoy and good luck!


1. A “Grabber”

This is a bizarre object but for some reason kids love this. My son’s daycare class go mental when they see this, so much so that we even had to buy one for his class.  At 10 bucks this is a great gift for 4 year olds. I have no idea what the real name is but I found one at Kidstuff.  I have also seen them sold on Amazon.


great gifts for 4 year old boys


2. Lego

This is another tough category. Duplo is recommended for this age group but my son is more interested in the next age bracket Lego. He loves the different things you can build with the next stage Lego and it keeps his attention for longer.  We have already moved on to the next stage of Lego (the one beyond Duplo).



3. A Ninja Turtle 

You get this amazing Ninja Turtle toy that transforms itself. The toy changes from a Ninja Turtle into a pet turtle. My son got one for his 4th birthday and he just loved it.


I have looked everywhere for one of these to show you but the only place I’ve been able to find them is Amazon. It is so difficult to explain and the pictures don’t do it justice but it is an amazing toy for this age.


ninja turtles are great gifts for 4 year old boys awesome gifts for 4 year old boys

4. An action figurine 

My 4 year old is crazy about The Avengers, Spiderman, Batman and almost anything that fights crime. Somehow we have reached a balance where he loves the action figures and makes up stories but doesn’t watch the accompanying shows.


You can actually get figurines at a really good price nowadays.


5. A remote controlled car


My lucky boy got two a bright red sports car and a monster truck of sorts. He loves both, proof that you can’t go wrong with your choice.


A lovely added touched to the gift of a remote controlled car is if you give a spare set of batteries.


6. Dress Up Costume 

A superhero dress up costume. My son got a Spider-Man and a Captain America and loves wearing them at any opportunity. This is great because then the parents don’t have to buy a costume for Halloween.


dress up costumes for 4 year old boys


7. Tools

4 year old boys (and girls too) love exploring and creating. Their little minds are going a million miles an hour trying to understand how things work. Tools are a great gift for this age group as it allows them to build and create.


You get some amazing tools from Bosch – they’re not the cheapest of the Toy Tools but they are durable and look just like grandads 🙂 I was at Target yesterday and saw that they have started selling their own brand of tools.


8. Transformers


If you have a young boy and a TV you must know about Transformers or Rescuebots. If not, it is only a matter of time then. The 4 year old boys I know are obsessed with Transformers.


The problem with Transformers though is that you get some great ones and some not-so great ones. It can be hard to tell the difference if you haven’t got 40 of them to compare.


I’ll let you in on the secret – the way to know if they are the good ones. The good ones will have the following features

  1. They won’t be cheap.
  2. The packaging will have a lay out on the back that shows you how many steps it takes to transform them from one shape to another. Don’t get a 4 year old one that has more than 5 steps.
  3. There will be a sticker (shown in the first picture below) that you can scan.


great presents for 4 year old boys


9.  A Giant Floor Puzzle 

Puzzles may not seem that exciting but you can get some “really big ones” that is according to my 4 year old. When he saw the 3ft puzzle he was elated. He reckoned it was the biggest thing he’s ever seen in his life. Coupled with the fact that it had Ninja Turtles on, he was in awe.


The only problem is I land up building it every day.


10. A Watch

You wont believe it but boys of this age think that they are “super-cool” wearing a watch.


My son has asked to take his watch to Show and Tell at daycare almost every week since he got it. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one or a highly functional one, a watch that looks like a watch with hands that move makes for an excellent gift.

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