Wockbar, Eating out in Dee Why with kids

Wockbar, Dee Why

Wockbar, Dee Why is one of the most popular places for families to eat in Dee Why.


My son loves eating there. I’m not sure if it’s the novelty of chopsticks or the bright interior. Wockbar specialises in serving Asian hawker-street foods & yum-cha favourites. 


Wockbar, Dee Why. Where to eat out with kids on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Where is Wockbar, Dee Why 


Wockbar is situated right across from the beach on The Strand which is the main road that runs parallel to the beach. 


The official address is Level 1/ 23 The Strand, Dee Why. 



What is Asian Street Food? 

According to the Wockbar website  “Street Food is a style of asian cooking originating from the ‘open-markets’ of Asia selling delicious and inexpensive foods. Foods are cooked in public areas with many stalls specialising in certain specialty dishes. Seating is generally communal with stools and fold up tables. Hawker street foods can usually be found in open public places, near shopping areas or area frequented by many people.”



Wockbar Features 

Wockbar is on the first level of the building so it has an excellent view of the beach if you can get one of the seats along the window.

Eating out with kids on Sydney's Northern Beaches with kids

How Child Friendly is it?


The restaurant is child friendly. They have a kids menu, kids high chairs and kids chop sticks. I don’t think they have colouring in sheets as we have never been offered any but my kids seem to think chopsticks are entertaining enough. 


The kids menu is available for kids 12 years and under and the meals range from side dishes to rice and noodles or you can order a “Bento Box”. The Bento Box is the “happy meal” of Wockbar. It includes rice (or noodles), prawn crackers, a spring roll,  a mini dumpling, money bag , an orange slice and a fortune cookie. The money bag is a weird pastry that has something in it – not sure what though 🙂 If you’ve been there and know what it is, I would love to know what is in it. 


The service is also really quick so you can get in and fed and back home within a good  time.


Work Bar, Dee Why - Eating Out with Kids on Sydney's Northern beaches



My husband and I both love the curries, there are nine great curries to choose from. If that’s not your thing you can choose from tons of options. On my last count, there are:

– 12 types of dumplings to choose 

– 14 types of wok seared noodle dishes 

– three different salads

– six different types of noodles or dumplings in soup 

– 16 stir-frys 


There is really so much to choose from, it is actually hard to do so. 


And that is just the main menu. There are vegetarian and coeliac menu options available too. 


Wockbar Facilities


Wockbar is up two flights of steep stairs and has a number of tables in a very small space so I would not consider it pram or wheelchair friendly. 


Wockbar, Dee Why - Eating Out with Kids on Sydney's Northern Beaches

Operating days and times 


Wockbar is open 7 days a week from midday. 


You can eat in or get a take away. 


I would make a booking though because it does get really full in the early evening. 


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