What to buy when you’re expecting: All Things Sleeping

What to buy when you’re expecting: All Things Sleeping

Sleeping babies are a beautiful thing

Is it wrong that sleep time is one of my favourite times of day 🙂 A good sleep makes my kids so happy. It’s also really great when you see them wake up smiling ready for the next day’s adventures.


 There no restrictions on colours and themes so enjoy.


what to buy when you're expecting


The list of what you need for your baby to sleep


1. Blankets

There are a few different categories of blankets.  I have only been able to work these categories out because I have travelled with my children so often.


If you have 3 or 4 of each you should be good to go.


Then whatever else people get you is a nice addition.


Receiver Blankets 

These are thinish cotton blankets that you wrap the baby up in.


You can use these in conjunction with blankets or by themselves in summer.


We have tons of these and I always keep on in the nappy bag. You don’t just use them for sleeping babies – you can use them to:

  • keep baby warm but not too hot
  • block out sun
  • shield the baby from shop lights
  • cover yourself when breastfeed.


I think I have packed 2 / 3 for the hospital alone.


Cellular Blankets 


These are blankets harder than cotton with slight holes in it (can’t think of a better way to explain it). I think you only need three of these ever. They are great because they are warm but they let air in.


Fleece Blankets 

Warm / fleece blankets are generally the really cute ones. We have a plethora of these because they are just so cute. These are the most suitable blankets for little ones when sleeping at night in winter.


Muslin clothes 

These are very light almost sheet type things. In summer baby can just sleep under this because its not warm enough to make him hot but it does give him the sense of security of being covered. It’s also perfect for shading baby on the pram, covering pillows when baby is having a nap away from home and covering yourself with feeding.


If you have any difficulty understanding the differences between these, please comment below or make a comment on Facebook.  I will find some pics and send them through to you.


2. Baby’s Cot

We have two cots. One which our baby sleeps in permanently and one which is used when we travel.


We got a big wooden cot in anticipation of our first babe and while I love it I think we are one of the few families with such a big elaborate cot. I love this cot and have used it for two children. I even brought this cot across the world to keep just in case we have a third baby or if someone else in the family wants it for their babies.


We also have a camp cot which sits at home. Our kids would play in this before they were up and walking and it was a safe space. This also allows us to take it with when we do stay overs elsewhere.

3. Pillows, Mattresses and Wedges for Sleeping



You will also need a mattress and a mattress protector.

The mattress and mattress protector you choose should be

  1. Breathable.
  2. Have the special material that repels bed bugs.
  3. fitted. Otherwise it is too much admin and they roll around and kick it off.

Make sure you buy two mattress protectors so that if there is an accident in one you can take it out and replace it with the other.



We have found that a pillow for the bed is a waste of money.  Unless you want to get a pillow for decorative purposes.


Sleeping Wedges

What you do want is a ‘wedge’. We found it was extremely helpful.


It is made out of breathable light weight fabric and fits the width of his bed and raises his head (and when he was little, his chest). Primarily the wedgehelps with sleep positioning because you don’t want your baby to lie on his tummy (cot death).  Additionally, the wedge helps with digestion and prevents necessary reflux.


I was able to find one easily on Amazon and EBay. The one pictured below is from DexBaby available on Amazon

sleeping wedges


The good ‘wedges’ come as three little pieces of ‘pillow’ which go around the baby’s head and on either side of the body.


The sleep wedges are called “Inclined to Sleep Positioned” and is available in South Africa from Baby City (you can find it online here).


There are two schools of thought on ‘cot bumpers’ this is what goes around the inside of the cot and a) protects little heads and b) is pretty 🙂 some people say that little babies can be smothered in these and others like them because it stops head bumps. We got a cot bumper 🙂


4. Sleeping Sensor


We were paranoid about our child dying, paranoid!


When I was pregnant with our first, I heard two stories of babies being saved because they stopped breathing but their sleep monitor picked up the lack of breathing and woke up the parents.


You get various types of the sleeping sensors

  • some are audio,
  • some are audio and movement and
  • others (the most expensive) are audio, movement and video.


We got the audio and movement one which comprises of a plastic board which sits under the mattress and monitors their breathing. The minute there is no signal because baby has stopped breathing or moved off the board then it sounds an alarm. There is also a monitor that sits in his room and the minute there is a noise in the room it allows you to hear the noise from a monitor you carry around with you.

The brand we went with was Angel Care and we have no complaints about it. I think the warranty was 2 years and we have had no reason to use it. It’s now going on its 5th year and it is still going strong, even now that the little kids love using it as a walkie-talkie.



5. Bottle Warmer 

We only cottoned on to this idea late in the game and it was wonderful. We got a cheap one and it sits next to our bed and warms the milk through the night. We got a cheap one, the brand is Snookums and it has lasted quite a while.


6. Humidifier 

We only got one of these because it came in the shape of a frog and was so cute.


Where we lived in South Africa it is sooo dry in the winter and cold so between having the heater on and the dry air there is no moisture in the air, as a result it came in handy but I am not sure we would have got one if we lived anywhere else.


We live at sea level now in Australia and we haven’t had any reason to use it.



Useful additions to Baby’s Room


Comfy Chair

You may need to get a chair for feeding or relocate one of your chairs to your room or baby’s room, if your baby room has space. Make sure it gives support but is also comfortable because you will spend a lot of time in that chair 🙂 Also try getting in and out of it when you’re pregnant so that you know whether it’s easy enough to get out of when you’re holding your baby.



It helps to have a clock in the room so that you know how long you have been feeding for and what time they’re getting up at 🙂 both my kids LOVE tricking me into thinking its morning time when it’s not.



You can buy a mobile (the thing that goes above the bed) but I wouldn’t use a mobile at first – they are too little to focus on it and it actually causes more physiological harm according to the experts.


If you’re expecting – Congratulations!!

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  1. Great list 🙂 I’m assuming a cot is the same as a crib (Canada)? My Doll didn’t move out of my bed and into a crib until she was around one. Lots of people don’t like co-sleeping though. I’ve heard of the sleep/breathing sensor but I’ve never met anyone with it before. It sounds like piece of mind 🙂 Doll had a cold recently and that was the first time I ever thought about a wedge (so her nose might not be so stuffed when she’s trying to sleep) and also also humidifier. The bulb style snot sucker just wasn’t doing any good so we put a pillow under one end of her mattress and luckily we’d just been given an older humidifier with Vicks inhalant. That saw us through! Great list, again 🙂 I might add sleep sacks, because then there’s no worries about blankets.

    1. Excellent – thank you for your suggestion. I will have to look into sleep sacks a bit more. Our first always used one but the second never did 🙂

      With a bad nose the Nose Frieda is the best thing I’ve ever used and still use. I hope she’s much better though!

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