We’re doing it. We’re getting a babysitter. Part 1

Finding a Babysitter

We trying to find a babysitter. We have no clue where to start or how to do it but we’re going to give it a try.


I’ve finally convinced myself that I can leave my little baby and my little boy.



The whole purpose of this is to spend some time with my husband who I rarely get to talk to. Yes, we see each other but its more like two athletes passing a baton. We’re not really athletes and the baton is more a milk bottle but you get the gist.


My husband has been saying for ages that we need to get out together.


While I know this to be true, it just hard when i’ve been albeit physically attached to my kids for the last 2 years.


Then it dawned on me that in the year that we have lived in Australia we have been on one date. One date. That’s it. And that is not good enough.


A massive part of a strong family is a secure bond between mom and dad and how pray tell are we meant to achieve that bond if we don’t actually spend time together.


I’ve seen it and know that normal, healthy, loving and caring parents go out every night the world over and leave their kids with babysitters.



How to go about Finding a Babysitter

So I’ve asked around about  how to go about acquiring a babysitter. I  have learnt that there are a few ways you can secure a baby sitter.


1. Ask Someone You Know

You can always ask someone you know to babysit your kids. I don’t want to ruin any good friendships in asking them to try wrangle my kids to sleep so I’m not going to do that.


2. Get a Referral from Some you Know

Next up you can get a referral from someone who has used a babysitter.

This is a great method  if you have the same requirements of a babysitter as the person who is giving the referral.


3. Go Through An Agency 


This will incur additional charges  which is above the hourly rate you pay the babysitter. Essentially you land up paying twice for one service.


4. Use the daycare providers

You could always ask someone who works or volunteers at your child’s daycare.


There are however two problems with this. The first issue is that some daycares actually prohibit this in their terms and conditions.  Secondly, it could go badly and then you will have to see these people again.


5. Facebook groups specifically geared to finding a babysitter


Find a Facebook group or website that connects parents with babysitters. Just make sure you trust the people in the group or you trust the creators of the group.


We chose to go through a trusted Facebook Group


We went with the last option. I wrote up a detailed post on a Facebook site and waited for the perfect babysitter to find me. If like me, you’re absolutely clueless. I have since learnt of what to include in a post / request.


What to include in your Facebook Post 

  1. where you live
  2. what you are willing to pay per hour
  3. how old your kids are (whether boys or girls can be included)
  4. when you want the babysitter
  5. whether your kids have any special needs


I’ve seen people describe their kids in detail and post pics so you can definitely tailor the post.


What happened next?


And then almost immediately I got a whole bunch of replies. Of course I got them on Facebook messenger and couldn’t find them for three weeks. Eventually when I did I went and stalked everyone of them on Facebook and made a choice (if you’re our babysitter reading this, I’m really sorry I stalked you).


And then?

We’re done with the finding a babysitter part and now we have to do the “meeting the babysitter” part. We are meeting her next week for a little bit so the kids can meet her and we can plan THE DATE. I’m nervous but excited. I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. I’m not a mum so I can’t know how tough it must be to choose someone to look after your children. I have, however, been a babysitter and I loved it! I’m so glad that you are going to have some alone time 🙂

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