Visiting The Grounds at Alexandria with Kids

The Grounds at Alexandria with Kids

Doing the Grounds at Alexandria with Kids is completely possible and it doesn’t need to be overwhelming. I love heading out there and even make sure to pop in for a visit every time I go to the airport. 


The Grounds in Alexandria is actually family friendly. It can be so much fun with kids, it’s just about knowing where to go. I’ve taken my kids to visit a few times and each time has been a resounding success.


Just a proviso – don’t visit the Grounds with kids when it’s raining. You do not want to have to deal with that type of chaos. 


Visiting the Grounds at Alexandria with Kids

What is The Grounds


The Ground is an oasis in the middle of a former industrial area. It has a number of dining spots on a block all themed to make you feel like you’re in a garden. There are little surprises dotted around The Grounds so keep your eyes open as you walk about. There is also a market running now too. It’s pretty cool.


Where is The Grounds


Location and Address


Alexandria is just South of Sydney CBD, between the City and the airport. Alexandria is actually packed with lots of family entertainment, again, you just need to know where to look.


When I visit the Grounds at Alexandria with kids I always drive. It’s a long drive from the Northern Beaches but it means I have control about when we stay and go. 


The Google address is 7A, 2 Huntley Street, Alexandria, 2015.


This will take you to the main entrance of The Grounds and from there you can weave your way through to the Potting Shed which is on the South East end of the block.




There is onsite parking at the Grounds, on top of the building behind the Grounds and down the road. Despite the additional parking, parking is still insane on the weekends due to The Grounds’ popularity.


Public Transport


You could always take the train to Green Square Station or St Peter’s station.  From St Peters Station you can catch the 348 bus but if your arrive at Green Square you will have to walk for about 1km.


From Green Square Station and then do the 1km walk if you have the time. If you do this, make sure to take the Bourke Road exit.


The Grounds at Alexandria with kids


Visiting The Grounds at Alexandria with kids – how to do it

There is a whole lot to see and do at The Grounds when visiting with the kids. This is the crux of this whole post. 


1. Kevin Bacon and his friends


Your visit and the way you visit The Grounds must be centered around the animal farm feeding. The kids will be delighted to meet Kevin Bacon, The Pig, the chickens and goats. Just be careful the goats can get a little rowdy.


If you’re into celebrities look out for Russel Crow, the Rooster. Bert and Ernie, two little kids have just been introduced to the Grounds so be sure to look out for them.


If you get there in time to watch the farm feed occur I suggest you work through this list in this order. If you arrive and it’s an hour or more until feeding time then work through this list in reverse.


2. Make a wish


Just in front of the entrance closest to Kevin you will find a beautiful garden fountain. It’s full of coins where hopeful visitors have made a wish.


My kids love throwing coins into the fountain and making a wish and I am sure yours will too.


Just make sure they take proper aim, on our last visit my 4 year old threw it straight past the fountain.


3. Play in the playhouse


Next up on your walk into the Grounds is the Playhouse. It’s set in the North East corner.


The play area has a play house, set inside a closed off area. Inside the playhouse there are chalk boards for the kids to play on, some bowling balls and its generally a free for all.


Outside the playhouse but still in the play area is a mock garden for the kids to chill in. It has a really cool couch the shape of a cow. I make all visitors to Sydney take a photo on the cowch.


The area isn’t very big and can get packed pretty quickly if there are too many adults in the space. 


Visiting the Grounds at Alexandria with Kids

4. Eating at the Grounds at Alexandria with Kids


The best place to take the kids to eat is from one of the places around the eating area in the middle of the grounds.


I would avoid going to one of the main restuarants with kids because:

  • These are often crowded with little room for the kids to maneuver inside.
  • There are cues.
  • The kids will be limited to the menu.


The beauty about going to the eating area in the middle is that the kids can eat from any of the vendors and the kids can run around to their hearts content.

This area is open from 10am during the week to 3:30pm and on the weekends from 8am to 3:45pm.


If you’re taking the kids to this area make sure to show the kids everything hanging from the ceiling, the butterflies in the garden and the birds in the birdcages near the areas you order at.


Visiting the grounds with kids

5. Pretend to make a call


The Grounds has turned an old phone booth into an ATM. While you may have to wait to use your turn I love pointing it out to the kids and explaining that telephones used to be connect to an invisible line and people didn’t have cell phones.


It is a real eye opener for them.


6. Pose on the Farm Truck


The farm truck is located at the other end of the Grounds from Kevin Bacon and friends. It is closest to the entrance.


The kids can climb up the back of the truck and sit on the bench set amongst the farm produce. 


The farm truck is an iconic part of the Grounds. Every time we visit I get the kids to take a photo on the Farm Truck, it’s one of the measures of how time passes and the kids change between each visit.


The other things you need to think about when visiting the Grounds at Alexandria with kids




There are bathrooms in various localities. The easiest toilets to get to are the toilets behind the play area.




The whole area is pram and wheelchair friendly. The ground is cobbled though so it will be a bumpy ride and space is often limited on the weekend.


The Grounds of Alexandria with Kids is suitable for kids


What else is at the Grounds

The Potting Shed


This is one of the more structured places to visit in that they serve sit down meals for lunch and dinner. They also have great cocktails and have live music on Friday nights.


You can make reservations for The Potting Shed but they are limited.


I visited with my girl friends one weekend – check out that review here.


The Potting Shed is open from 11:30 am weekdays, the kitchen closes at 9pm Monday to Thursday and 10pm on Friday. On the weekends the Potting Shed is open from 11am and the kitchen closes at 10pm on Saturday and 9pm on Sunday.  


The Café


The café has sit down eating and a take away bar. This is also home to a coffee bar, really fancy bakery and the Grounds retails space.


You can make reservations for the Café online.


The café is open weekdays from 7am to 4pm (kitchen closes at 3pm) and on the weekend from 7:30am to 4pm (kitchen closes at 3:30pm).


If you love the Grounds at Alexandria you would probably also enjoy visiting The Newport on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Click here for the full review of The Newport. 


If you’re on this side of Sydney and looking for more child-friendly entertainment you should think about spending an hour at Sky Zone, the indoor trampoline park




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