Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty, Victoria

Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty

On our way to Falls Creek we stopped in Mt Beauty and while my husband filled up with petrol I ran across the road to an enticing cafe. I was in there for so long he had to come and get me ūüôā I left with a coffee and arms full of food.


Where is Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty

Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty is located at 238 Kiewa Valley Highway, Tawonga, South Vic, 3698.


The map doesn’t help much because it’s in the middle of nowhere but it’s across the road from the Caltex garage and Falls Creek Coaches.

where is Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty

Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty¬†doesn’t have a website but it does have a Facebook page¬†you can access here¬†and it has been reviewed on Trip Advisor¬†click for Trip Advisor review.


Why stop at Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty


You know a place is good when the locals keep going back, I met a local who kept going back for the lamb shank soup despite promising himself he’d try another one soon.


Inside is warm, cosy and smells amazing. The woman who runs it is quick with a smile and happy to chat about the area and the weather for as long as you’re able to.


If I was you reading this, I would send someone off to get more petrol and the snow chains while you stay nice and warm at Treats.

Treats Cafe Mt Beauty Victoria
where to stop in Mt Beauty on your way to Falls Creek  Treats Cafe Mt Beauty Victoria
where to stop in Mt Beauty on your way to Falls Creek

Whats on Offer

Whether you want a take-away or a sit down Treats is a good options. Not only do they have decent coffee but they have decaf too which is a must for me and delicious treats.


Their lemon cake looked amazing but I was too focused on feeding the husband and kids to try it out. I got the kids a toasty and my husband a pressed (bacon, feta and capsicum) which was jam packed with filling which is exactly what you want when it’s freezing.



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