The solution to lost socks 

Lost Socks 

 Lost socks and missing tupperware


I think I’ve found the answer to lost socks.


I don’t know about you but when I’m having a bad day, a lost sock can drive me nuts! You know those days when they kids refuse to eat or you try take something out for dinner and realise you have nothing edible in the fridge!


In an attempt to make light of this very very serious situation I have worked out an almost fool proof plan. Well it would be fool proof if the sneaky tupperware containers weren’t trying to woo the socks to their hiding place. When I find the place where the tupperware containers and lost socks go to get away from it all I am going to be a very rich woman.


The 7 step process to preventing lost socks


It’s a 7 step process ladies and gentlemen, one that must be strictly followed and adhered to.


  1. Watch socks like a hawk. Make sure they dont get separated, if necessary glue them to your child’s or husband’s feet.
  2. When the socks come off roll them into each other so that they make it to the washing pile together. If you wake up with one sock on or one sock off, immediately check inside the bed.
  3. Only wash socks in pairs. Make sure those sneaky socks don’t run away  on the long walk from the washing pile to the washing machine.
  4. Don’t let your toddler into the sock pile, clean or dirty, they will destroy all good planning with the best intentions of helping.
  5. When the socks come out the wash make sure they get hang up next to each other. Right next to each other.
  6. When taking socks off the washing line hold onto them tight, you’ve kept them together this long they will be dying to jump out your hands and run away to the island of the lost with their friends the Tupperware lids.
  7. When all else fails hide the lone sock out of sight and pretend that they never existed.



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