The Religious Effect: 3 Moms Raising Children in Religious Families 

The Religious Effect

Introducing the Religious Effect Series

For the next three weeks I’m going to introduce you to three moms raising children according to their different religious principals.


I know religion is highly controversial. However, I’m not publishing these stories for the purposes of encouraging a debate as to each religion or for the purposes of critically comparing them.


I am bringing you these stories so that you remember behind the headlines, behind the politics there are people. There are moms with the same daily struggles getting their children to brush their teeth, eat decent food and pick up their toys. Moms with the same hopes and dreams for their children – that their children will be kind, treated with respect by others and grow up in a safe environment.


Religious Effect?


I have called this series the religious effect as we are examining the effect that each religion has on raising children. We are going to hopefully get an understanding of how the religious beliefs of the family translate. How values imparted onto children are developed from those religious beliefs.


religious effects: raising children in a religious family

Assumption about people based on Religion 


The inspiration for this series comes from my own personal realisation. I realise I have made assumptions about people based on their religion. Despite those assumptions being baseless they affect the way I interact with people. We are one and the same. We all bleed the same blood, face similar battles and at the heart of it we want the same things for our families.


There is so much we don’t know of one another and despite this we make judgment calls daily. Judgment calls based on information that may be incorrect or over-sensationalized.


My hope is that through reading this series you remember that behind every assumption is a person who is affected by it.


I encourage you to read each one of the stories published every Thursday in January. Direct links to each post is listed at the bottom of this post.

religious children


One man does not a nation make 


Quite simply you can’t judge a religion by its extremists or the media portrayal. Here comes first hand accounts of three religions from moms who are practicing their religion and raising their children in accordance with those tenements. Real people, real world parents just like you and me.





If you do find these stories beneficial to your understanding of the religions in question or insightful, please share the links on social media. Each mom is sharing something very personal to them. It would be great if you would show your support through sharing the piece or commenting on it.



Links to the Religious Effect Series

For quick links to each of the posts, please click on the links below.

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