the new Hallstrom Park and Cycleway in Willoughby

The New Hallstrom Park Playground in Willoughby

The New and Much Improved Hallstrom Park Playground and Cycleway, Willoughby

Hallstrom Park in Willoughby is fantastic

The New Hallstrom Park Playground has three draw cards, a playground, pram friendly walking areas and the bike path.


Since I wrote my first post on Hallstrom Park the playground has undergone a major renovation and it’s now fantastic. It now has everything you could want for a full day out with the kids.


The New Hallstrom Park Playground and Cycleway, Willoughby

Where is the New Hallstrom Park Playground 

Location and Address

Hallstrom Park Playground is situated in a bigger park in Willoughby, a suburb in Sydney’s North Shore. The official address of the park is 2 Small Street, Willoughby. 




There is parking directly outside the new Hallstrom Park Playground. It is limited to only a few hours though. It does also get busy because of its proximity to the popular Incinerator Cafe. 


You can park at below the Community centre but this will mean you have to walk up a hill to the playground. I wouldn’t park here if you’re planning on making your kids ride or scoot to the playground because they will most definitely moan about it.  


playgrounds and sydney cycle paths for kids


The New Hallstrom Park Playground Features





Access to the playground is the same as it was before, through the trees bordering Hallstrom Park and down a ramp from the parking directly out front. The first thing you pass on your way into the playground from the Incinerator side (the café) is the new all access roundabout. It is great that the playground has been adapted so that all children can play it in. The only downside to the roundabout is that it is very heavy to push.


There are still slides, swings, a water pump and natural parts of the playground but it’s all just newer and better.


The playground has a really steep metal slide coming down off the embankment and another on the play structure. There is a main block of swings and then another basket / nest swing in another area of the playground.


Newly introduced is a massive turtle which the kids can hide inside or climb on top of.


Have a look at the pictures below.


The layout of the playground is also great as you can have a number of kids playing and families hovering and it is not congested.


playgrounds and sydney cycle paths for kids


The New Hallstrom Park Playground Facilities 


There is a block of toilets set off from the playground. There are benches throughout the park and big patches of grass.


The giant trees surrounding the park and playground provide plenty of shade but there is a big covered picnic table area if you prefer sitting in complete shade.


The playground is completely pram and wheelchair friendly.


Bike Path 


One of the drawcards for Hallstrom Park has always been the bicycle track and it still is. This section was not renovated but there really wasn’t a need for it.  


What is cool is that off down a path from the playground (walking in the direction of Willoughby Road) is a cycling track for kids, complete with road signs and bridges. My three year old could have spent all afternoon at this track. You must however keep an eye on your little one on his bike or scooter because it is adjacent to Willoughby Road.


The bicycyle track is completely flat and tarred for little kids.


playgrounds and sydney cycle paths for kids


What is lovely is that the bicycle track is signposted. There are also pedestrian crossings, speed bumps and bridges for the children to practice riding on and over.


To the south of the bicycle track is a mound of earth which appears to be an “off road mountain” for little kids. In my opinion this is far too steep for a pre schooler or little kids but I am sure that experienced bike riders would love it.


The only concern I have with this bicycle track is that it is not completely enclosed, there are gaps where your child can get out of this area of the park.



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