The Intentional Bookshelf by Samantha Munoz

The Intentional Bookshelf

I absolutely love books and so I am always reading and I encourage my children to read. Together we have read a whole lot of books. Our children’s library is one I am very proud of.  However, I do think I need to consider the direction their library is taking and for this reason I am grateful to Samantha for allowing me the opportunity to review her book, the Intentional Bookshelf.

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I’ve been eagerly awaiting the launch of this book. I follow Samantha on various media platforms including her blog Addison Reads. Having seen the amazing books Samantha reads to her daughter I expected the book to be a list of great books to read. I did not expect what I found.



What I found was an awesome guide on how to incorporate books into your parenting. 

The purpose of The Intentional Bookshelf

The purpose of The Intentional Bookshelf is to help you raise your child with books as aides to the learning process. When I use to think of books aiding me in my parenting I focused on the books I read. The books I would read for guidance or direction, books to improve or develop my parenting. Until now I had not thought about using children’s books to help teach my kids (which is ridiculous when you think about it). Children’s books can be an amazing tool for helping you convey complex emotions, values or events to your child.

There are so many things we want to impart to our kids but it is a huge task. Samantha Munoz has shown me it’s not a task we have to undertake without resources. I love that the Intentional Bookshelf is not a set list of books prescribed but rather a process to be followed whereby each child’s personal world is realised.



 Your child’s library will not look anything like the next person who reads this book. That is because your book collection is a reflection of your unique child, your family, the memories you have shared, and the things you love.”

Samantha Munoz

Books as Multi Purpose Tools

In addition to books as a parenting tool, Sam also explains how she believes books are

  • a teaching tool
  • an escape from reality
  • a productive hobby
  • a family activity
  • a source of pride and responsibility


Unfortunately in some countries books are not affordable to everyone. But we are reminded that we need not own hundreds of books or any at all. The Intentional Bookshelf reminds us that even borrowing a few that are purposefully selected is worthwhile.


“Your child’s personal book collection does not need to take up an entire wall in your home, it does not need to be filled with thousands of books, it just needs to be intentionally and purposefully crafted”

Samantha Munoz

How to approach your child’s library

The book includes a 4 step approach to building your library. Don’t worry if it feels too daunting and like too much to take in, the book also includes a “milestone checklist and a master plan worksheet” to use as a reference.

In the Intentional Bookshelf the different types of books you should have are broken down. The different categories are clearly set out and the manner in which its categorised is impressive. I hadn’t thought about books in such an orderly manner before.

In addition to helping you understand how to build your purposeful library, the Intentional Bookshelf also helps readers understand the different types of books available on the market and what books are suitable at the different ages from babies to young adults and what may be suited to your child as they display different interests.

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I recommend the Intentional Bookshelf


While the book in itself is a tool, it is written in a warm and engaging manner with Samantha sharing personal stories which touch your heart, most notably for me was the story she shared about her husband being deployed to Afghanistan and how she found solace in a book.

I am very impressed by this book and look forward to buying it for my friends   who love to read and want their children to read. The book has made me think! Although I am the proud owner of a kindle,  I need a hardcopy of this book so that I can keep referring back to it and marking out important sections.

If you love books and you want your children to love books and use them as life references then you need to read the Intentional Bookshelf. 


the intentional books shelf review


  1. A signed copy can be bought for $15 on the AddisonReads Selz site.
  2. A paperback copy for $9.95 or a kindle copy for only 99c on Amazon via the AddisonReads site.



Samantha Munoz, an Engineer by profession, hails from sunny San Diego. When not reading to her daughter Addison you can find Sam writing reviews of children’s books at
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  1. Oh it makes me so happy to know that I made you think – if nothing else I wanted my book to be something for people to pause and reflect upon, looking at the books they already have and how they can be mindful of what their children are reading and digesting. I am so grateful for all of your sweet words and I agree, a hard copy is totally a necessity (I give mine a hug about once a day, ha!). It was very important for me to make this book less about the ACTUAL literature titles you need and more about how each of us has different unique qualities, interests and values and that our personal libraries should reflect those. Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic and thorough review of the book!

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