The Great Centennial Park Easter Egg Hunt 

The Great CP Easter Egg Hunt 2016

We ventured to Centennial Parklands last year (2016) for it’s Great Egg Hunt. It wasn’t really what I expected by enjoyable nonetheless. I think its one of those things you have to do at least once in your life if you lice in Sydney.


Where is the Easter Egg Hunt


The Centennial Park Easter Egg Hunt is in Centennial Park of course 🙂


The start and end of the Egg Hunt is at the Learning Centre, Education Precinct, Dickens Drive, Centennial Park. There is a map on the Great CP Egg Hunt Website but I have included one for you below because we got lost even with the help of their map.


 the Great CP Egg Hunt  


Travelling to Centennial Park and Parking


Coming in from Sydney’s North Shore we planned an hour for traffic thinking that there would be swarms of people but there weren’t. Traffic was not an issue.


The parking was okay – we got to park just outside the Education Centre on Dickens Drive.


sydney easter egg hunt

What happens at the Easter Egg Hunt

Essentially what it is, is a few obstacles the children complete in order to get a stamp on a map. Once they collect all the little eggs and have their map stamped they get to meet the Easter Bunny and the Easter Bilby.


You book tickets online and start by choosing a time slot between 9:30am and 2:45pm. There is a slot every 15 minutes.



The 2016 Obstacles

  1. The First is an Egg and Spoon Obstacle. The course is through a wooden area, over logs and little mounds of earth.
  2. Next up is Hop Scotch. This obstacle is pretty easy for even the little ones to try, they may not get it right but its fun for them nonetheless.
  3. The Third Obstacle is a Ring Toss.
  4. Lastly there is an egg hunt where you search for little plastic eggs in baskets hanging from a tree.


At each of the obstacles the kids get a small little Easter Egg. One of the really little ones so dont worry there isn’t too much sugar involved.


Upon meeting the Easter Bunny and Easter Bilby they get given one very big Darrel Lea Easter Egg.


Our 1 year old did not complete the obstacles, she desperately wanted to but couldn’t yet still received her MASSIVE (massive to her) Easter Egg.


easter egg hunt



Available Facilities


There are toilets nearby and the 2016 course even went past a second block of toilets.


Last year there was:

  • a food truck that was selling snacks and coffee
  • colouring in sheets inside the education / learning centre
  • face painting (you would need to pay an additional amount for this)


If you were really adamant about taking a pram you may be able to push a pram through the course but I wouldn’t advise it. The course isn’t completely level and set across lawn.





A ticket entitles you to a map and a photo with the Easter Bunny and Easter Bilby. You don’t get given a photo like a Santa photo – you take your own picture.


Adults don’t need tickets.


You can only buy tickets online. We bought the tickets well in advance online (from Eventbrite) for $17 a child. We printed the email ticket to take with but is seemingly unnecessary as they had our kids’ names down on the list.


You have a 15 minute window within which to start the hunt.

Age Suitability


We completed the Egg Hunt with my in-laws and our two kids and everyone was fine walking through the course.


My kids were 3 and 1 at the time that we visited and they loved it. The 3 year old was able to complete most of the obstacles and the 1 year old tried her very best but didn’t quite manage.


It made for a lovely memory to have of our first Easter in Sydney.


What to pack for the CP Egg Hunt 


  1. Good walking shoes for everyone.
  2. Cash for coffee.
  3. The camera! A must for your photo with the Easter Bunny and Easter Bilby.
  4. Easter baskets or something to collect your little eggs in.
  5. Sun hat and sun tan cream for good weather. If the weather is poor take a rain coat and gumboots because the hunt will go on.
  6. Picnic blanket and some snacks. There is plenty of grass parkland to run around on so kids will want to stay on longer.
  7. Your kids may want to dress up a bit with easter bunny ears or an Easter bonnet. Quite a few kids were really dress up.
  8. Take your email ticket just in case.


easter egg hunt, centennial parklands

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