The Beaches Market – For the whole family

The Beaches Market at Warriewood

I can’t believe the Beaches Markets were happening just up the beaches from us and I had no idea. It’s such a great market to visit with such good fresh produce that you can’t not at least visit once.


We’ll be back, hopefully for some fruit and vegetables but probably for a pie.



The Beaches Market at Warriewood

We needed to meet up with some friends and they were heading off to the Northern Beaches Markets at Warriewood to get some baby clothes so we decided to tag along.



The Beaches Market is on Every Friday from 8am to 1pm.



Where are the Beaches Markets held


The Beaches Markets are held just north of Narrabeen at the North Narrabeen Reserve/ Pittwater Rugby Park. On the side of Narrabeen closest to the beach than to the lakes area.


Where is the Beaches Market - For the whole family

The address on google is not right so don’t follow the address that indicates it is on Pittwater Road. It is not. The market is actually adjacent to Walsh Road. 

The best way to get to the market has to be by car as I’m not sure the bus can get you close enough.


There is plenty of parking in the fields adjacent to the market below is a map I found online.


The Beaches Market at Warriewood with kids


What’s at the Warriewood Market


There are tons of great stalls at the Warriewood Markets. Thankfully I counted at least two coffee stalls.


Fresh Produce


As I said, I love the fresh produce that is available. It’s not limited to one fruit and vegetable stall, there are quite a few. 


My kids loved visiting the farmer from Orange who gives all the kids “Twisty Apples”. He has this woodwork-like contraption that takes the core out and cuts it into a continuous spiral. It also helps that he is like a friendly grandad – my kids just loved him.


The Beaches Market at Warriewood with kids

Watkins Family Farm is even there selling their mandarins and limes.



What I didn’t see were fresh flowers which I would have loved to get my hands on. The website does suggest that you can pick up some flowers but I didn’t see any on the day we visited.



Baked Goods


There are incredible stalls selling pies, sausage rolls, cakes and breads.


Our absolute favourite was the Italian man who sells pies, quiches and tarts. It is the first time I have ever seen my son eat an entire chicken pie. I didn’t tell him that there were leeks in it but despite them being in the pie, he still ate the whole thing. The filling was big chunks of chicken breast, leeks and some gravy. These were really quality ingredients.



Healthy Foods


There is a lot of good wholesome produce at the Beaches Markets.


Aside from that though, you can get kombucha, vegan foods, nuts, grains and seeds. There is also a stand that has whole smoked garlic.  


The Beaches Market - For the whole family

Handmade Items


There were plenty of handmade items available in the line of clothes, shoes, jewellery and homewares. I saw some gorgeous leather jackets which I want to go back and check out.


I’ve also heard that there is a stall that makes stunning kids accessories so I am keen to check that out too. 


Unusual products


There is a whole stand dedicated to kettle popcorn. The popcorn is delicious and the flavours vary from honey to salt and vinegar.


At one of the entrances there is a stand that will babysit your dog for a few minutes while you wander the Market. This stand also sells a range of different dog treats.


There are all sorts of deli foods available like speciality cheeses and olives.


You can also find some handcrafted teas.


Make it a family visit


The Beaches Market is completely family orientated as there is kids entertainment and plenty of samples to taste.


There are three main forms of entertainment

  • Pony Rides
  • Jumping Castle
  • Petting Farm


The Jumping Castle isn’t huge but its good enough to keep littler kids entertained.


All three of these will cost you – I know that the Jumping Castle and the Petty Farm was $7 and $8 per child.


What to take and how to dress for the markets


What to take

1. Bags, baskets or boxes to put all your purchases in.

2. Not all of the stalls take cards or have card facilities.

3. Keep cup as the market is trying to go plastic free.


How to dress


1. Dress up warmly because the fields are very open and cold in the winter months.

2. I made the kids wear gumboots because there is a lot of mud. The grass has been walked away and there is mud and dirt everywhere.

3. The kids will need to be wearing socks to go on the jumping castle.

 The Beaches Market at Warriewood with kids


Are you out of ideas as to what to do with kids on the Northern Beaches? Why don’t you check out one of these ideas. 

Try Toddler Tuesday or any other morning at Potter’s Cafe, Pittwater RSL.

Take a bike ride or scoot around North Curl Curl Lagoon. 

How about dinner with the Family at The Newport?

Take walk on the beach, a beach that has an interesting reef.

Go play at the best beach playground. 


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