The Beach Shed, Dee Why

The Beach Shed – Right on Dee Why Beach

The Beach Shed is our local happy place.


It’s such a relaxed place with the best view and great coffee and food. I don’t think any overseas visitor has stayed with us without having a least one trip to the Beach Shed. 


I really love it down there! 


The Beach Shed Dee Why is right on the beach and perfect for families and kids

Dee Why Beach

There are a number of reasons to be down at Dee Why Beach.  


1. Enjoying the ocean or taking it easy on the long stretch of gorgeous beach.

2. Swimming at the sea pools.

3. Checking out the rock pools. 

4. Taking a walk from one end to the other.

5. Playing at one of the two playgrounds at either end of the walk. 


Whatever the reason, if you’re in need of a coffee or a snack there is only one place to stop THE BEACH SHED 


The Beach Shed is our local spot when we’ve come off the beach or are on the way to the sea pools. They have those organic ice lollies that my kids just love. I also think I may be addicted to their coffee. 


Where is the Beach Shed


If it wasn’t for the pedestrian walkway The Beach Shed would be on the beach.


It is so close to the sand.


You could probably sit outside the cafe and read what it says on a sunbather’s newspaper. Just take a look at the picture below. 



the beach shed, dee why

Because it is on the beach walkway as opposed to a road you won’t find any official address.


The closest intersection is The Strand and Oaks Avenue. It’s right below the Ted Jackson Reserve halfway between the stairs leading down to the beach and the swimming pools. 


I’ve put a pin in the below map so that it is easy to see where it is. 


The Beach Shed Features



This is not a fancy eat-out restaurant. Don’t visit wanting a main meal or a sit down lunch.


It does have some breakfast and lunch options but there are light meals that you can pick up and take with you. They’re not the knife and fork, cloth napkin type of meal. 


There are sandwiches and sweet treats on display in the kiosk and there is a menu on the chalk boards up on the walls. I’ve eaten a few of their snacks and rolls and have not been disappointed.


There are also freshly squeezed fruit juices on offer which look amazing.


I can vouch for the coffee, I’ve had it about a thousand times. The kids are quite familiar with the ice creams too.



It’s one of those places where you order at the counter and then have it brought to you. There are a few tables inside with a long bench and a few tables outside right on the walkway.


The atmosphere is very laid back with lots of patrons in swimming costumes or running gear.


Suitability for kids

If you got little kids – not to worry. You’ll find high chairs and a two bright blue plastic chairs for your little ones to sit on.  There are also no issues with kids running around in their costumes, bathing togs or spilling their ice-creams. 


fresh food at dee why beach shed



The Beach Shed does get very busy on the weekends so you may have to wait for a table.


the beach shed, dee why beach, sydney


There are no bathrooms. If you need a loo, walk just a little further towards the rock pools you will find some public toilets.



If you happen to be walking your dog and want to pop in, don’t worry. The Beach Shed is dog friendly. They even put out a bowl of water for those parched pooches.


Writing this post makes me want to go visit as soon as it opens!! 



If you’re interested in some other great activities in the area I’ve included a list below with links to our reviews. Enjoy! 


Walter Gors Playground is just up the road. 

In winter you can check out Long Reef just north of Dee Why. 

If you’re in the area on a Friday the Beaches Market has the best pies. 


The Beach Shed Dee Why is right on Dee Why's beach

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