The Beach House, Port Macquarie

Eating at the Beach House

The Beach House overlooks the Hastings River and seems to be very popular with locals during the early evening. I’m not sure if its for the view or for the $5 beer of the week.

The Beach House, described online as a restaurant and pub, is extremely laid back and perfect if you’re with little kids who may be prone to making a noise when hungry.

 the beach house port macquarie

Where is the Beach House

When you’re in the right road, or even walking along the water, it is not hard to miss The Beach House. It’s a good looking older building, in a stunning location and its packed with locals.

You can find The Beach House at 2 Horton Street, Port Macquarie, NSW. As shown on the map below. You should be able to get parking on the road either on Horton or on Clarence.

 where is the beach house

Food at the Beach House

I read a few negative reviews online and I’m not sure that’s fair. I had the burger and it was delicious and the chips were good too. There are specials menus, a normal food menu and a kids menu.

Kids Menu

There is a designated kids menu which includes burger, nuggets and fish.

Cheese Burger & Chips $8.5
Fish & Chips $8.5
Chicken Nuggets & Chips $8.5

The kids’ food was okay but my son’s nuggets which are standard order chicken nuggets were slightly better than my daughter’s bolognaise.  For some reason it doesn’t seem to be on the menu I found online and quoted above.

Even though we visited for dinner there are days when I need coffee throughout the day and this was one of those days. Pity the coffee was sooo good, I had to have two 🙁

Adult Menu

Adult food-wise I had a burger and the other three adults had chicken parmigiana as it was “Pimped out Parmys” night. This special means that there are 6 different deluxe parmigiana on offer for $15 each from 5pm. You can check out the menu online here but it doesn’t include the details of the pimped out parmys. The food was good, my burger was good and my chips were amazing.

The Beach House does serve breakfasts and rightly so as its open from 7am.

Late night at the Beach House

On the other end of the spectrum – the Beach House is open until late, There is a disco ball so I would love to see what happens later in the evening. Judging by the drinks menu – and there are three (a wine list, beers and cocktail menu) this is a great place for a drink, catch up with friends or a party.

Suitability for children 

There isn’t any kids entertainment or a dedicated kids area. However, you could easily sit in the front of the restaurant outside and watch the kids run on the huge patch of grass in front of the restaurant.


There is also a playground just across Horton road if the kids need more. My son just loved playing on the grass and on the contraption in the picture below.


beach house views


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