Bike First Aid Kits from SJ Works

Bike First Aid Kits from SJ Works Bike First Aid Kits are a must in our lives. My son is always begging my husband to take him for a bike ride along the beach. Occasionally it happens. Generally it’s more a case of us running after our son with toddler in arms while he tears […]

The Intentional Bookshelf by Samantha Munoz

The Intentional Bookshelf I absolutely love books and so I am always reading and I encourage my children to read. Together we have read a whole lot of books. Our children’s library is one I am very proud of.  However, I do think I need to consider the direction their library is taking and for this […]

HappyCalc Puzzle by FunComet

HappyCalc – The Genius Puzzle  HappyCalc by FunComet This is an amazing creation. Combining a child’s love of puzzles and rockets with hidden mathematical learning is sheer genius. Beyond the concept the pictures incorporated into the puzzle make it compelling to little people.   Happycalc from the outside Attractive from the start From the start you can […]