Kragga Kamma Game Park

KRAGGA KAMMA GAME PARK WITH KIDS Kragga Kamma Game Park is a great way for your little ones to see animals. The animals are in a natural environment and seem to be well cared for. I was sceptical but it seems like everything is above board! There is lots for the kids to see and […]

C’mon South Africa – this is just not good enough

Not good enough Yes we left but we still care We left South Africa 18 months ago to start a new life in Sydney, Australia. If I listened to a whole bunch of South Africans, I would know that it is not my place to comment on South Africa. No comment on its politics, the […]

Smile Cafe, Woodmead, South Africa

Smile Cafe at World of Golf If you live in Johannesburg and haven’t visited Smile Cafe at Woodmead World of Golf you have got to make it a priority. It compares with international parks and playgrounds but with much more space. For R50 entrance for kids and the cost of food, it is actually a […]

Something Good, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Something Good, PE Eating at Something Good with Kids   Something Good has to be one of the best places to eat out as a family with kids. Not only does it have great sea views but it has plenty of parking and a playground. Two things every family needs!   Something Good is so […]

Immigrating Part 4: Settling in Australia 

Immigrating Part 4: Settling in Australia  The context of this post  Settling in Australia is the third part of a four part series describing my thoughts and feelings about immigrating from South Africa to Australia. If you’re in the process of making this move yourself I would suggest that you start from Part 1 and move […]