Two kids versus one … the reality of parenting 2 children

Two Kids – the reality of having baby number 2 Are two kids easier than one? In some ways the answer is a definite yes, two kids are easier than one. Especially as they get older.  However, it isn’t easier straight from day one and it definitely isn’t all the time. When you have two […]

How to Raise Great Kids – are you doing these 10 things to raise great kids?

 A guest post on How to Raise Great Kids   How to Raise Great Kids is a compilation of advice received from experts in various fields. When I firstI read the 18 Powerful Parenting Lessons Infographic  from Samara of Tiny Fry I headed over to Tiny Fry and found all this amazing expert advice. Samara has dedicated […]

18 Powerful Parenting Tools

18 Powerful Parenting Tools to Prepare Your Kids for the World These Powerful Parenting Tools are not my brainchild. I wish they were because they are really good.     Samara from Tiny Fry sent this infographic to me a while back. I read it, loved it and wanted to share it with the AllThingsMomSydney […]

The Religious Effect: Raising children within a Jewish Family 

Raising children in a Jewish Family Today’s post comes to you from Gina. A mom of two who describes herself as a procrastinator, but she sure does get a whole lot done for a procrastinator. Gina teaches her kids amazing things and makes sure that their brains are constantly being stretched. She also finds the […]

The Religious Effect: 3 Moms Raising Children in Religious Families 

The Religious Effect Introducing the Religious Effect Series For the next three weeks I’m going to introduce you to three moms raising children according to their different religious principals.   I know religion is highly controversial. However, I’m not publishing these stories for the purposes of encouraging a debate as to each religion or for […]

Parental Incentive Plan (“PIP”)

PIP THE PARENTAL INCENTIVE PLAN Introducing the Parental Incentive Plan  The Parental Incentive Plan is going to blow your mind. It’s what you always needed but didn’t know you did.   I’m working on a new incentive system. A rewards programme if you like, like AMEX or Woolies has. It is called the Parenting Incentive […]

19 Frustrations only parents understand 

Frustrations only parents understand Becoming a parent comes with a lot of joy. It also comes with a lot of frustrations, frustrations only parents can understand. Or maybe grandparents because they too were parents once.   This is all said in jest because I still love being a parent and am very grateful for the […]