The Religious Effect: Raising Children in a Muslim Family 

Raising children in a Muslim Family    Today’s post comes to you from Breharne, a fellow Australian mom  blogger who is married with 2 beautiful girls. Breharne is just like me – she loves trying out new places with her children and trying to keep them entertained. ♦   I’m just an ordinary Aussie mum.  […]

The Newport

The NEW Newport  Is it suitable for kids – answers at last!  I finally got to answer all my questions about the new Newport. Woohoo. I hate not knowing, more so when I’ve asked and got no response. I can confirm that The Newport is good for kids of all ages. Although I imagine that […]

Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award Thank you for the Nomination So stoked to have received a Versatile Blogger Award nomination from the very wise Busy Bee. Thank you for this nomination. I am honoured that you thought of me and decided I was worthy. I hope to do you proud.   Busy Bee is a fellow Aussie blogger (you have […]