snow day and rainy day activities

Bad Weather Activities and A GIVEAWAY

31 Bad Weather Activities and a GIVEAWAY Bad weather + kids = misery It can be so tough to keep kids entertained if bad weather is stopping you from going outside. Bad weather can really ruin a day. This rings especially true if you have two little kids who are bursting with energy.  Coupled with this […]

Letter to My Mom – by Franki Rank 

Letter to My Mom by Franki Rank   Hey mom.    We should hug more.    “Personally I don’t think you can hug your mother enough in life.”   I was thinking about that the other day. I don’t want to tell my kids one day that I didn’t hug my mother enough. So from […]

A Letter to My Mom – from Paul Jacobson 

A Letter to My Mom by Paul Jacobson  Dear Mom I don’t think I had any real appreciation of what it must have been like for you to become my Mom when you were barely an adult yourself when your son arrived. You still had to figure out how to be a parent as you and […]

A LETTER TO MY MOM by Brad Slaughter

A Thank You Letter from Brad Slaughter   Mom,    Since the divorce years ago, I have been your confidant and close friend. We’ve always shared everything with each other, especially the thoughts that keep us up at night. I know that you think our family is broken and split up, and that you feel […]