Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a little “ME” Time

Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a Little “Me” Time You know I’ve spoken about scheduling MomTime before and will probably continue to do so until the day I stop writing. It is that important.    You cannot give of yourself in the way you want to as a parent if you have nothing left […]

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Meal Planning Week 2

Meal Planning Week 2 Meal Planning Week 2 better go a whole lot better than week one!   I’m sharing my meal plan adventure – wins and fails with you so that I can hold myself accountable. The blog isn’t really about this type of stuff but I need to try my best to get […]

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Bad Weather Activities and A GIVEAWAY

31 Bad Weather Activities and a GIVEAWAY Bad weather + kids = misery It can be so tough to keep kids entertained if bad weather is stopping you from going outside. Bad weather can really ruin a day. This rings especially true if you have two little kids who are bursting with energy.  Coupled with this […]

Taronga with Kids – A local mom’s guide

VISITING TARONGA WITH KIDS Taronga Zoo is my top thing to do in Sydney with kids. Whether you are visiting or a local it doesn’t get much better that spending a day at Taronga.   It may seem daunting spending a whole day out on your feet with your kids but it need not be. […]

Step 5: Shopping for your Party

THE SHOPPING – WHAT TO BUY AND WHEN    PRIOR TO SHOPPING Shopping for your party is the final step in the Ultimate Party Planning Guide.   Now that you have worked out: All the details Where to hold your party Which decorations to buy How to cater   You need to get to the […]

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CATERING – WHERE DO YOU EVEN START Catering for your party can be quite daunting, if you don’t know where to start. It really is quite easy though if you approach it step by step.   My biggest problem here is that I always always over-cater and then send everyone home with left overs. I […]


Venue choosing is hard work How do you choose a venue. Where do you have a children’s party? Where do you have any type of party for that matter.   Do you have it at your home where you don’t have to pay for a venue but you do have to do the cleaning up […]

The Intentional Bookshelf by Samantha Munoz

The Intentional Bookshelf I absolutely love books and so I am always reading and I encourage my children to read. Together we have read a whole lot of books. Our children’s library is one I am very proud of.  However, I do think I need to consider the direction their library is taking and for this […]

What to buy when you’re expecting – SICK BABIES

WHAT TO BUY IN ANTICIPATION OF A SICK BABY AND DEALING WITH COLIC A Sick baby is heartbreaking There is absolutely nothing worse than a sick baby!!! No one really tells you how awful it is when your baby is ill. Your poor little helpless thing can’t communicate their needs. You feel guilty about not […]

There was a farmer and Old MacDonald had a farm

There was a farmer and Old MacDonald had a farm Here are Nursery Rhymes about three farmers. The one had a dog, the other wanted a wife and the third had all sorts of animals.   Of the three Old MacDonald is probably the most famous and probably the most over-sung. There was a farmer who […]