Movies for Kids: Storks

Storks – The animated movie



What a gorgeous family movie. I’m not the biggest fan of animated movies because there are generally awfully scary scenes or they just miss the mark but I just loved this movie.


I don’t know if Storks can be classified a “kids movie” but it is definitely a family movie. It leaves movies like Petz in its dust. It is really a decent movie. I even had a cry in the end. I think most parents who have ever wanted for a baby will also have a bit of an emotional moment.



The Plot


Storks centers around the concept that storks deliver babies. As I supposed you could guess for yourself. But in this scenario storks have stopped delivering babies and are now delivering goods. Like Amazon.


There is however one baby that wasn’t delivered because the stork fell in love with the baby. That baby all grown up wreaks havoc at headquarters. Now that she is 18 it is time for her to leave and so it befalls the main character to tell her she is fired.


He can’t tell her and puts her in charge of sorting the mail. In that position, everything goes wrong when she receives a request for a baby delivery.


The story follows what happens when she processes the request for a baby.


My husband and I really loved this movie and found ourselves really engrossed in it and laughing out loud more than once. 


Scary Scenes

What is interesting in Storks is that the villains are initially meant to be the wolves but the wolves can’t bring themselves to harm the baby. Instead they fall in love with the baby and come up with elaborate ways to try get the baby.

The real villain is the stork that heads up the headquarters. He isn’t nice and is nasty to other birds and storks.

The scarier scenes in the movie aren’t enough to generate any real concern and are really fleeting. 




There is no bad language and no dark behaviours.

Throughout the movie there are threads of teamwork, valuing one another and being able to change your preconceived ideas about people or things.

There is also a sub story that runs with the family who are waiting for the baby. Their story line follows how they begin spending time together in anticipation of the Storks delivering their baby. The family really come together and become a family. 

The individual characters are really funny and there is humour for a broad age range.


The Storks Movie


Age Suitability


The movie is really entertaining at an adult level. At one stage my husband and I were laughing out loud. Maybe even more than once.

The movie pace is good and moves along quite nicely.

My 2 year old enjoyed it from the baby perspective as she loves babies and there weren’t any scary scenes. She gets scared quiet easily and was content throughout the movie. I doubt she was following the plot though or could tell me what the movie was about.

My 4 year old really enjoyed the movie too. He laughed a lot. 

This is more a family movie to watch from 4 years onwards but it can be watched by younger kids – they just won’t understand it conceptually.




Here is a list of some other good movies we’ve watched with the kids. 


Charlie Brown is still my favourite in terms of wholesome movies for the kids. 

Who could not love Mary Poppins 

One of the unusual movies we enjoyed was Otto the Rhino 



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