The invite is where you start.


No, not by sending out the invite – that’s still a long way to come. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll be able to do it by the end of this post. If not you’ll at least be able to send out Save the Dates, yes Save the Dates are no longer only for weddings.


You start with working out all the information that needs to go on your invite – where and when and theme. This will be the guide to everything else we discuss in this series.


party planning must start with conceptualising the invitean invite sets the whole theme

This guide could be used for any party or working out any type of invitation – whether its for a graduation party, invitations for a birthday party or invitations for your baby boy shower.



This stage of the party planning is the most mentally intense. There are a whole bunch of things you want to work through first. If you don’t when you come to later on in the planning you’ll find yourself backtracking and going back on your original thoughts.


You need to conceptualise everything that will go into the invite and work from there.


In order to determine the very basics: the where, when and the theme you need to ask yourself a few serious questions first. These questions will help you structure your party perfectly.







This itself is a two part step:

a) how old is your little one; and

b) what is your child’s nature.



These two questions answered will give you a good indication of what to do, where to do and when to do it.





The main aspect of the party that is heavily influenced by your chid’s age is the time of the party. You don’t want to schedule the party over their nap or too late after a nap otherwise they will be grumpy beyond belief. Plan for the party to operate between sleep times.



The other aspect the birthday party affected by age is the theme of their birthday party. For your child’s first birthday party, and for a lot of children even their second, you can determine the theme of their birthday party. With my son I could determine the theme of his party for the first three years. In contrast my little girl she is deadset on having an “Elsa” birthday party. There is no way I’m going to get around throwing a Frozen party for her second birthday.




Child’s nature


Different children have different personalities.



Quieter more introverted children may be quite content with no invitees. They may be happy just having a special meal with the family or having their favourite character from a movie or book come over to play with them. Yes the latter is an option nowadays.



Other children want a party but don’t like crowds so just hang a few close friends over or going to an activity with a few friends is perfect.



Then at the other end of the spectrum are kids like me and my children who love being surrounded by everyone they know and their families.



Determine what would be special for your child, not what you think you have to do because everyone in your mothers’ group did 🙂








Knowing who you want to invite (or who you have to invite) is going to further set the direction of the party. Knowing your invitees is going to determine how you tell everyone about the party and where you hold the party.



Are you inviting people:

  • you don’t know or
  • only know through work, school or other people (these people probably need invites, you cant just send them a random whatsapp).



Is it just adults, who know how to keep you home clean and handle glasses or is it a bunch of hyped up 3 year olds who need loads of space to run and play? Whatever you plan has got to special for your child but in a suitable for your child and invitees.







The theme is a whole disaster on its own. Try not overthink it, if you do you will be caught in the intricate web of targeted marketing. It is a minefield people! Once you start overthinking it you’ll notice all sorts of new ideas, characters and cute trinkets which are just perfect.



Make a decision on theme and stick to it.



Before I give you any suggestions, go with your gut first. The first idea that popped into your head as soon as you read the word theme. That is probably the right one.



The way I see it, there are a few categories within which you can choose something:


  • character: think sponge bob square pants or Minnie Mouse or octants.
  • colour: green or pink would be the go to colours in my house and have been.
  • concept: sailing for the boy whose father loves boats or fishing, ponies or rainbows.
  • activity: beach party, movie night or ice-skating.
  • place: from zoo to jungle to Africa or from tea house to Paris, you can go as wide or as narrow as you want.


an invite will help you work out the specifics of your party





Now you are ready to send out your invite or if it is too early, send out your save the dates.



Believe it or not Save The Dates are no longer just for weddings. I received Save the Date for a little girl’s party last year and I sent one out for my little one’s 2nd birthday this year.



When you’re dealing with a special occassion, whether it be a birthday party, a baby shower or kitchen tea, Save The Dates can be suitable. A Save The Date is great for when you have most of the essentials worked out but you haven’t yet decided on time or place. It means that people can set aside the day without you panicking about working out all the details so far in advance.






If you’ve been through the above and you feel confident and ready to send out your invite or Save The Date I’ve got the perfect thing for you.



I am giving away 1 000 coins, to use on Paperless Post, an awesome website that allows you create your own beautiful invite or Save The Date and then manage that invite.


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27 thoughts on “STEP 1: ITS ALL IN THE INVITE

    1. Oh I’m so glad. It’s part of a series and have just written the venue choice part.

      If you include a comment on this one on the last party you attended you could win 1 000 Paperless Post points.

  1. Wow, thanks for taking the time to detail how to put invites and parties together. I really don’t know anything about it; my in-laws planned my daughter’s 3rd birthday last Sunday (My Little Pony themed 😉 ) but I can’t rely on that every year so this is great to know!

  2. Themes are the most challenging part for me! We made the big mistake of telling my in-laws our initial thoughts on the theme before my 1yo’s bday, but in the end, we went with a different theme. They showed up with a bunch of decorations (that we didn’t ask for) that totally clashed with the theme we settled on.

  3. I love planning parties for my kids. My son’s last one (the last one I went to) was Transformers themed. You have some really cute invitations on here. I really like the Hakuna Matata one.

  4. I love the way you’re so passionate about planning parties for your kids. I’m the same way, my girl is turning three at the end of April and I’m already looking at themes and what I will serve. But I always keep it small and in our house. But never the less I love a themed party. And there is so much to chose. Thanks for the tips this will help me planning her party

  5. My kids are older now (my youngest is 15). I have to admit party planning wasn’t my thing. It seems no one RSVPs, so you never know how many to expect. Maybe with the Internet, it’s different, easier to RSVP.

  6. The last party I went to was an adult birthday party and the theme was tropical-in the middle of January (in the US). The piñata was my favorite part-hilarious!

  7. the last party we went to was a baby shower and it was boy themed and classic with chalk boards etc

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