St Ives Village Green Playground 

St Ives Village Green Playground

The Gist

Not much to it, just two little play areas one for bigger kids and another for little. There is no shade over the playground with is not ideal but there are plenty of trees to sit under (this is St Ives after all).


Perfect for carers is the fact that you can grab a coffee from across the road.


St Ives Village Green Playground

Where is St Ives Village Green Playground 

The playground is within the St Ives Village Green. The Green is quite a big tract of land which is home to the St Ives Bowls Club, a baseball oval, tennis courts, recreation halls and the playground and skate park.

Where is St Ives Village Green Playground

Getting there 

The playground and skate park are in the South end of the Village Green to the East of the William Cowan Oval.


The closest street is Village Green Parade.



For parking you want to park at St Ives shops, in the MacDonalds or Woolworths parking lots and then walk across the road to the Village Green

St Ives Village Green Playground

St Ives Village Green Playground Features


The Playgrounds

There are two playgrounds right next to each other. The bigger playground has a big climbing net which is the highlight of the playground. It also has a nest swing of sorts and a roundabout. The roundabout is also unconventional and geared towards bigger kids.


The little playground is really sweet and has more things to play on that the bigger playground. It has one of those tiny slides, swing and see-saw. It is also gated which prevent walkabouts.



Both playgrounds are covered in those red wood chips so falls, if they happen are well cushioned. We had a serious fall from midway up the jungle gym and were okay, granted he was wearing a helmet (because that’s how he rolls). While the bigger playground isn’t enclosed, both playgrounds are far away from the road and the kids would have to run a long distance to get to the road.




The skate park

The playground is a hit with our 3 year old son because of the skating ramp next to it.


He rides his bike around the Village Green and then hits a few slopes, after the compulsory playground-play of course. 
The other benefit is the shops are across the road.

St Ives Village Green Playground

St Ives Village Green Playground Facilities 

There are some benches alongside the playground and a table and chair set should you want to bring some food with. There are plenty of shady areas and big tracts of open lawn in close proximity to the playground if you want to have a mini-picnic for morning or afternoon tea.


The toilets also look a little suspect (sorry readers I ain’t taking one for the team to go check them out). I’ve kept telling my husband to try them out but he keeps “forgetting”.

On the weekend there are a few kids playing but during the week it’s deadly quiet and you can have the playground to yourself, unless we’re there 😉


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