Rock Pools – South Curl Curl

South Curl Curl Rock Pools

South Curl Curl Rock Pools are the real deal. It’s hard for me to cheat on Dee Why beach pools like this but they really are great – South Curl Curl that is.




It’s pretty self-explanatory, the South Curl Curl Pools are at the very south end of Curl Curl.

The official address is Carrington Parade, South Curl Curl,

Curl Curl beach is long – long enough to have two distinct swimming zones with their own lifeguards. There is North Curl Curl which is closer to Dee Why. South Curl Curl is the end closer to Freshwater (towards Manly). These particular pools are at South Curl Curl Beach.




The South Curl Curl Rock Pools are made up of two swimming pools. Both have a seawater flow and sand on the bottom of the pools.

There is flat access from the parking to the pools and the disabled parking bays are right there which is perfect if you’re in a wheelchair.

If you’re not driving you can take a bus – there is a bus stop 100m from the Rock Pools.

You can access the Rock Pools from the parking lot or from the beach itself which is novel. Set up yourself on the sand to take dips in the sea and then when you feel like it just walk over to the Rock Pools.

Adjacent to the Rock Pools are public toilets and between that and the Rock Pools there is a shower. All the basics are right there.


rock pools for kids northern beaches

The Main Rock Pool 

Rock Pool One is like the common beach pool you find at Bondi or Dee Why. This type of pool is built up with cement walls and numbers of either side so that swimmers can do lengths.

The pool is apparently 50m in length but I’m not 100% about this – if you can confirm this I would love to hear from you.

This pool is deeper than the rock pool and perfect for adults and older children.

south curl curl beach sydney

The Shallow Rock Pool (kiddies pool)

The second pool is my favourite pool for kids in Sydney. It is a pool built into the headland, surround by rocks on one side and bordered by the big pool on the other.

As the rock pool is more natural it has varying depths and is very shallow in some areas which is perfect for little ones who cant yet swim but love the water.

south curl curl rock pools


While I do love the South Curl Curl Pools I do have a few negatives:

  • It feels more exposed than Dee Why so when the wind comes up it gets very chilly. I can’t work out why this is though.
  • There is no shade cover next to the pools
  • Seating is limited so you may have to sit on the rocks facing the little pools.


Despite all those points I do really prefer these pools over Dee Why especially in the afternoon when the sun is cooler. I love taking my kids there for an afternoon swim.  These pools feel far more natural and cleaner 😉

northern beaches for kids



You can get a great cup of coffee from the new Gusto Coffee House. While you’re there maybe grab a bite to eat – their food is really good too. I’m actually working on a review right now.


If you’re intending to visit – just be sure to check that the pools are not closed for cleaning. You can check the South Curl Curl Rockpool Cleaning Schedule to confirm. If they are closed then head up Carrington to the Dee Why Rockpools – you won’t be disappointed.




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