Sportsbliss Softplay, Thornleigh

 Sportsbliss Soft Play

This place is great for little kids under 6 and even better for pre-schoolers and toddlers. As long as your little one can sit up I am sure they would have a great time.
It’s bright and colourful and you can take your own food when you visit.


What is Sportsbliss  

It’s hard to work out what exactly to call this place. I’m going to go with the catch-all title of Sportsbliss.


The warehouse space which is used is houses a swimming pool for swimming lessons and three courts for sports and playing.


Of the three courts one is generally empty – I am really not sure what this is for because i’ve been when its really busy on the weekend and when its quiet during the week and I’ve never seen it used (strange). Another of the courts is set up for mini-soccer which is used during the week for Soccerjoeys. The third is the soft play area.


Sportsbliss Softplay
Softplay at sportsbliss


Where is Sportsbliss


The official address is 17 Sefton Road, Thornleigh. It is in the same spot as North Shore Timber Warehouse, it is literally above the warehouse.


Sportsbliss in Thornleigh
sportsbliss soft play



Sportsbliss Soft Play Features 



The soft play area has little cars, slides, two cubby houses and a big trampoline.

sportsbliss soft play    sportsbliss indoor play centre
sportsbliss softly on sydneys north shore

sportsbliss soft play in sydney

Sportsbliss Facilities



There is a sign outside that says no external food is allowed on the premises but I have seen food being brought in and eaten. There is no food or drinks are to be taken into the soft play. However, there is a seating area in which you can enjoy your tea-time snacks or a coffee.


There are a few small snacks on sale – cakes, chips, banana bread and ice-creams.




There are kids toilets behind the soccer court which has a change table (a tad rickety looking) and a kiddies toilet. I hadn’t noticed this before as its not well sign posted. You should be able to find it if you walk between the cafe area and the soccer court.

Sportsbliss Ticketing and Admission 

Entry Prices

The entry prices are:

  • 0 – 6 months: free
  • 7 – 18 months: $5
  • 19 months – 6 years: $10

I am not sure what they charge adults. Adults may be free with the child’s admission. There are almost always great deals on where you can get entry and a coffee for $5. Now that is an absolute bargain!


Open days

The difficulty about Sportsbliss is that it doesn’t really have an official site you have to go onto their Facebook page to ascertain whether they are open (they sometime close on random days). The times that are generally open are:

  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8am to 1pm
  • Wednesday and Saturday: 8am to 12pm
  • Friday: 11am to 2pm
  • Sunday: 8am to 3pm



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