Smile Cafe, Woodmead, South Africa

Smile Cafe at World of Golf

If you live in Johannesburg and haven’t visited Smile Cafe at Woodmead World of Golf you have got to make it a priority. It compares with international parks and playgrounds but with much more space. For R50 entrance for kids and the cost of food, it is actually a Johannesburg “must do activity”.


I initially came across Smile Cafe when I was putting together 120 Things to Do in Johannesburg and surroundsThen a friend suggested we try it out I knew that it was meant to be. Off we trekked to Woodmead just after Christmas to give it a try.


 smile cafe woodmead

Where is Smile Cafe 

Getting to World of Golf

If you’re looking to follow a GPS or Google Maps to get there the full name for World of Golf is Momentum World of Golf.  MWOG for short (when you see MWOG on the form you have to complete you’ll know the abbreviation – I had no clue).


I’m not sure there is an exact address because the complex is so massive you couldn’t miss it. The nearest intersection put in Maxwell Drive and Woodmead Drive, Woodmead. Woodmead Drive is also known as the R55.


At that intersection you turn into Maxwell Drive and head along Maxwell Drive with MWOG on your left. You will then get to another intersection where you turn left and then left again. You will find yourself on a little road that runs between MWOG and Maxwell Drive and this will ultimately take you into MWOG.


In case my directions seem awfully confusing here is a map to show you what I mean.

where is smile cafe


 Getting to Smile Cafe

There are two parking options outside MWOG (typing MWOG is just weird) you can either park directly outside. Or you can park it at the car wash and get your car cleaned while you play.


Once you enter World of Golf you have got to tell them that you are going to Smile Cafe. They will get you to put a wrist band on yourself and your children indicating that you are headed for the Cafe and ask you to pay your R50 per child. Once you are through bathrooms are to your right and Smile Cafe is off to the left.



Smile Cafe Features

Smile Cafe has three different seating options – inside, outside and inside the play park. There are child minders if you choose to sit inside or outside the cafe. With my little kids on the loose I prefer to be inside the play park so I can get to them quickly.


If you want to be seated inside the play park I would phone ahead and book. There are not many tables and it is the preferred spot. The contact number is 011 217 2284 or you can email them at [email protected]



Smile Cafe Playground

The play park is awesome, just awesome. There is:

  • A “jungle gym” for under 6s and a “jungle gym” for over 6s
  • Little rockers for the small kids to play on
  • A big climbing net tunnel that loops high in the air for bigger kids.
  • A sandpit, mini soccer field and a putting green where lessons are given in the afternoon.
  • Around the playgrounds runs a lovely spring foam bike track for the kids to ride the plastic bikes on offer.

smile cafe playground


Smile Cafe Menu


Kids Menu

As with any properly child friendly restaurants there is a kids menu. Breakfast is served until 12.  After 12 lunch is on offer – kebabs, chicken strips, hotdogs, burgers and pasta. There a “make your own pizza” option where your child gets a margarita pizza with any two toppings for R45.


There are also kids drinks on offer including really great milkshakes. After having had a taste of the lime green and strawberry pink milkshake I can tell you they are pretty good. Just a pity I landed up with an entire pink milkshake in my pants and down my legs… not ideal… Maybe a slushie would have been less sticky but I doubt it.


Adults Menu

For the parents – there is coffee and its not bad. In the eating department there is a breakfast menu and  cafe lights (baguettes, toasted sandwiches and quesadillas) on offer early. There is also a lunch / dinner menu served from 12 which has starters, salads, mains, pasta, pizza and deserts. For more of the menu offerings look at the Menu section on the Smile Cafe Website .


Smile Cafe Facilities


An added bonus is that there are child minders. You can quickly gulp down your coffee while someone else pushes the swing. To be honest though the waiters were far more friendlier than the child minders were on the whole.


There are bathrooms inside World of Golf, they’re not great though.


The playground is flat so its easily accessible for people with disabilities or moms pushing prams around.


I had thought we would be at Smile Cafe for somewhere between 1 and 2 hours I did not think that we would be there for 3 and a half hours only to need to leave for the little one’s daytime nap. Take my advice and go visit, especially if you are in the area or live nearby.

smile cafe world of golf


What to pack for an outing to Smile Cafe, Woodmead

  • One bright piece of clothing for your child to wear so you can spot them in amongst all the other kids.
  • A hat as the shade is limited.
  • Bucket and spades for the sand pit / bunker.
  • Suntan lotion.
  • Water bottles as the kids run and run and run.
  • Change to tip the childminders if your kids are nicely looked after
  • Bikes or scooters.
  • Good shoes as some of the path gets hot in the sun but the kids will alternate between running around and then climbing the spider nets.


For more information on what’s available at Momentum World of Golf you can check out MWOG’s website but it hasn’t been updated to include the play park or the improved Smile Cafe. Just be aware that there are two Smile Cafes, one in MWOG and the other at Cedar Square so be sure to check up on the right one.


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